Function of catenary type shot blasting machine

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Function of catenary type shot blasting machine

Q38,Q48,Q58 series catenary stepping shot blasting machine used to remove castings, forgings, structural parts such as the workpiece surface sand, scale, rust and so on. The surface of the workpiece appears metallic luster, and castings surface defects exposed to eliminate the stress within the workpiece, the surface roughness to Ra12.5 requirements GB6060.5 requirements, in line with national JB / T8355-96 Sa2.5 level.

Main model specification of catenary type shot blasting machine

Type Workpiece cleaning volume(mm) Abrassive flow rate (kg/min)
Q383 Φ 600 x 1400 4 x 260
Q384 Φ 800 x 1500 6 x 260
Q385 Φ 900 x 1400 4 x 260
Q4810 Φ 1000 x 1500 6 x 260
parameter Q583 Q585 Q5810 Q588
size of cleaning work piece mm 800 x1500 800 x1200 1300  x2800 550 x2200
number of hook Set 2 4 6 4
number of blaster kg 4 6 6 4
abrasive flow rate kg/min 4 x250 6 x360 6 x330 4 x480
power of blaster kw 4 x15 6 x22 6x22 4 x22
max.weight of Crane loads kg 300 500 1000 800
capacity per hook h 40 55 50 30
size of cleaning chamber mm 3062  x1800x2800 8500  x1800x3885 8500  x2300x4800 6800  x2600x3325
total air volume m³/h 15000 18000 18000 17200
total power kw 74.5 186.85 186.85 121.05

Catenary type shot blasting machine Application :
Clean Iron Casting
Clean Steel casting
Clean Forging
Clean Stamping parts
Clean LPG cylinder
Other type metal with very big cleaning efficiency

Catenary type shot blasting machine feature
Improve fatigue resistance and anti-fatigue
Remove the sand of metal surface
Increase service life
Remove metal rust
Remove metal surface oxide skin
Make the surface show metal luster.
Improve adhesive force before painting
Remove the internal stress

Main Features

1)Rolling manganese 13 protect board,8000-10000 hour longer life time.
2)  Straight or Y shape track conveyor,loading capacity 500-50000kg
3) High cleaning speed and saving labor.
4)turbine spare parts are all high chrome
5)compact and strong structure

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6)dust concentration less than 80mg/m3
7)can use ABB motor,SEW reducer,SKF bearing
8)package:wooden box for control cabinet
9)PLC(Siemens or Omron or Mitsubishi brand) control system, and adjust parameter and security
10)The projectile circulation system uses an active monitoring device. When some parts are not running smoothly or are stuck, it will actively alarm and notify the faulty parts, which is convenient for targeted repair
11)Workpieces can be cleaned while walking, or walking after cleaning, etc., with a high degree of initiative, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers

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10)delivery time:within 5days for standard type,others usually 15-60 working days

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What documents we supply?

1.Instruction manual is in Chinese and English. It contents
Lay-out drawing ,Lay out drawing will be provided within one month after the contract is in active.
Operation, maintenance and lubricating instructions
Electrical schemes
List of recommended spare parts with the prices
Documentation of standard components
2.Bill of loading,picking list,certificate of origin
3.Engineer can go to your place help for installation

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