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Application and Failure Analysis of Grit Blasting Equipment

Grit blasting equipment has been widely used in marble, stainless steel sculpture and many other fields. The sandblasting room is suitable for surface cleaning and rust removal of some large workpieces, and increasing the adhesion between the workpiece and the coating. According to the recycling method of abrasives, the sandblasting room is divided into: mechanical recycling shot blasting room and manual recycling shot blasting room.

The grit blasting equipment uses compressed air in the pipeline to transport powdery particles (1~4mm in diameter) from one place to another. In the process of transforming kinetic energy into potential energy, the high-speed moving sand particles wash the surface of the object to play the role of improving surface quality. After continuous development, improvement and perfection of grit blasting equipment as a traditional sand processing equipment, it has a wide range of applications for industrial processing today, sand blasting surface treatment equipment has become an increasingly popular unique mechanism equipment.

The following is the fault analysis of grit blasting equipment.

Fault 1 of grit blasting equipment: No air, no abrasive

Possible reasons:

1. Compressed air quality

2. The set pressure level of the pressure regulator is too low

3. The foot switch is not properly adjusted or damaged

4. Sandblasting or abrasive valve is blocked

5. The safety air circuit is cut off

6. The main pressure regulator valve of the sandblasting machine is broken

7. The pressure regulating valve for control is broken

Debugging methods:

1. Grind and clean the nozzle

2. Check the safety gas valve

3. Check the main control valve sandblasting machine

4. Check valve control sandblasting machine

Fault 2 of grit blasting equipment: Abrasive leakage

Possible reason:  The vacuum bag has holes or is not clamped

Debugging method: Replace the dust bag, and then clamp the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner

Fault 3 of grit blasting equipment: Blurred vision during sandblasting

Possible reasons:

1. The dust bag is blocked, and the dust bag is aging and blocked

2. There is too much dust in the sand and the compressed air pressure is too high

Debugging methods:

1. Dust bag for vibration sandblasting machine

2. Replace the dust bag of the sandblasting machine and reduce the pressure according to the recommendations of the sandblasting machine

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