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Causes and Solutions of Shot Blasters' Oil Leakage

During the daily usage of shot blasters, you might encounter the phenomenon of oil leakage. In the following passage, QDBH machinery will introduce the common causes and solutions of oil leakage to you.

How to deal with the oil leakage problem of shot blaster? It is common to find oil leakage while using shot blasting machine. Examples of this problem include oil leakage of the shot blaster’s engine rotary axis, and oil leakage of its engine’s power switch. What should we do regarding these sudden oil leakages?

First of all, let’s talk about the solution for oil leakage of the shot blaster’s engine rotary axis:

If the oil leaks are due to constant friction between the axis and its corresponding hole, we can use the speed shifting lever shaft of the starter and the clutch handle shaft to shape a sealing ring groove on the lathe. Then put on a sealing rubber ring of the corresponding size. We should also replace the old rubber ring with a new one if the oil leakage comes as a result of overused rubber rings.

Solutions for oil leakage of shot blasters’ engine power switch:

Switches on shot blasters include water valve switch, fuel tank switch, gasoline switch, and so on. In cases of oil leakage due to wear or corrosion of the ball valve, the rust between the ball valve and the seat hole should be removed, and appropriate steel balls should replace the previous ones. In the case of oil leakage due to damage of sealing fillings and screw threads, the fasteners and sealing fillers should be repaired or replaced. If loose cone-shape joint surface results in the oil leakage, grind it with fine valve sand and engine oil.

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