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Characteristics of Crawler Shot Blasting Machine

1. Introduction of crawler shot blasting machine

Crawler shot blasting machine achieves the purpose of cleaning by making use of impellers in high rotary speed to throw the shot toward continuously flipped workpieces. It applies to the cleaning, rust removing, descaling and surface intensifying of small castings, forging, stamping parts, gears and springs in various industries, including the cleaning and intensifying of the parts fearing a collision. 

Note: Crawler shot blasting machine is not allowed to clean parts with high temperature or burr and flashing, otherwise the rubber crawler will be damaged.

2. Characteristics of crawler shot blasting machine

  • Crawler shot blasting machine is a cleaning equipment with good cleaning effect, compact structure, low noise and great completeness, designed and developed in combination with advanced technology.

  • Crawler shot blasting machine has high shot blasting efficiency, long service life and simple structure adopting direct-pull motor.

  • It improves the blade life of shot blasting machine with good separation effect and high production rate by winnowing segregator.

  • Bag dust remover enables the dust density lower than the national standard, improving the labor environment.

  • Wear-resistant crawler reduces the collision and damage of workpieces and lowers the machine noise.

  • Automatic discharging after workpiece cleaning helps to reduce the labor.

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