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Correct Operation Steps of a Shot Blaster

1.To operate the shot blaster, the rule of fixed personnel and fixed post training before work should be strictly followed, and workers should be familiar with the performance and characteristics of the machine.

2. Be familiar with the operation procedures, use, repair and maintenance of the shot blaster.

3. Operators must check whether all kinds of switches of the control cabinet (panel) are in the required setting positions (including power switches) before starting, so as to avoid damaging electrical and mechanical equipments and causing accidents.

4. Those who are not operators of this machine are not allowed to operate or touch the control area of electrical switchs at will, and should not be close to the working area of the machine, so as to avoid accidents.

5. Operators must wear protective work clothes and glasses.

6. The operator should pay special attention to the indication of various instruments on the panel when starting the machine. Only when the indication of all instruments reaches a normal value, can the small crane (the roller table) enter the working routine. If it is found that there is a large error in the indication of individual instruments (abnormal), the machine should be shut down immediately. The machine can work normally after checking and dealing with the fault of it.

7. During the operation of the shot blaster, the operator must inspect the equipment for abnormal noise and overheating of all parts. When there are serious faults in the machine during operation, the operator should press the "Emergency Stop" button to stop the machine for repair, and cooperate with professional personnel to debug.

8. Operators must carry out routine and weekly maintenance (including lubrication) of the equipment according to the introduction of "the equipment management". Clean up the dust and sundries in the dust remover every week to avoid affecting the dust removal and ensure the equipment intact rate.

9. Operators must achieve civilized and safe production, and strictly implement the shift system at the same time.

10. Turn down the power switch of the shot blaster immediately at the end of the work, so as not to leave the equipment in operation. And clean up the work site.  

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