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Daily Maintenance and Maintenance of Shot Blasting Machine (General Version)

I. Daily Maintenance

(1) The fixing bolts on the shot pellet and the motor of the shot pellet loose or not;

(2) Check the condition of wear parts in the shot blaster and replace in time;

(3) The maintenance door is closed or not;

(4) Whether there's air leakage in the dedusting pipeline and whether there's dust or broken in the filter;

(5) Is there any accumulation on the filter screen in the separator?

(6) Whether the shot feeding gate valve closed;

(7) Check the condition of the protective plate in shot blasting chamber;

(8) The limit switches in normal or not?

(9) The signal lamp on the control station work in normal or not?

(10) Clean the dust on the electrical control box.

II. Monthly Maintenance

(1) Check bolt of shot-feeding gate valve loose or not;

(2) Check whether the driving parts are working as normal and lubricate the chain;

(3) Check abrasion and fixing condition of fan and pipeline.

III. Quarterly Maintenance

(1) Check the completeness of bearings and electronic control boxes and fill them with grease or oil;

(2) Check the condition of wear-resistant guard plate of the electric shot blaster;

(3) Check the tightness of the fixing bolts and flange connections of motor, sprocket, fan and screw conveyor;

(4) Replace the bearing pair on the main bearing seat of the shot blaster with new high-speed grease.

IV. Annual Maintenance

(1) Check the lubrication of all bearings and add new grease;

(2) Inspect and repair the cloth bag filter, replace if the cloth bag is broken, and clean if the cloth bag is dirty;

(3) All motor bearings maintenance;

(4) Replace or weld the guard plate in the projection area.

V. The machine shall be inspected and repaired regularly

(1) Check the high manganese steel guard plate, wear-resistant rubber plate, and other protective plates in the cleaning chamber. Once found abrasion or breakage, they should be replaced immediately to prevent shot out of the chamber and injure people.

DANGER! When maintenance, cut off the power and place a notice.

(2) Check the tension of the hoist and tighten in time.

(3) Check the vibration of the shot blaster. Stop working immediately once found large vibration, check and replace wear parts of shot blaster and impeller.


(1) Must cut off the power when maintenance.

(2) It is forbidden to open the end cap before the machine stops completely.

(3) Lubricate all motors and bearings on the equipment regularly. Refer to Lubrication for a detailed description of the lubricated area and number of times.

(4) Regular refill new steel shots

As the steel shots will wear and break during running, a certain number of new shots should be refilled regularly. Especially when the cleaning quality is not good enough, one important reason is the lack of shot.

(5) When installing the blades of the shot blaster, please noted that the weight difference between each blade shall not be more than 5g. Check and replace the wear the blades, shot blaster and guide sleeve regularly.

WARNING: Please take away all tools after the maintenance!


1. The projectiles scattered on the ground around the machine should be cleaned daily in time and to prevent slipping injuries and accidents.

2. Keep away from the shot blasting chamber (especially the side on which the shot blaster is installed) during machine running. It should be stopped for enough time before opening the door of the shot blasting chamber after each cleaning work.

3. When maintenance, cut off the power and place a notice.

4. Protective devices for chains and belts can be removed during maintenance only and should be installed back after that.

5. Operators should inform field staff to be ready before each start-up;

6. In case of emergency, press the emergency button to stop the machine to prevent accidents.


Before the machine runs, all moving parts must be lubricated.

The bearings on the main shaft of shot blaster shall be filled with 2 # calcium-based grease once a week and the remaining bearings with 2 # calcium-based grease every 3 to 6 months. The movable parts such as chain and pin shaft shall be added with 30 # mechanical oil once a week. The motors and reducers in each component are lubricated according to the lubrication requirements of the reducer or motor.

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