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Factors Influencing Price of Manufacturing Grit Blasting Booth

Grit blasting booth is also called shot blasting room and sand blasting room. It is suitable for surface cleaning and rust removal of some large workpieces, and increases the adhesion effect between the workpiece and the coating. Before the sandblasting operation, send the workpiece into the sandblasting room, connect the electrical device, turn on the sandblasting lamp, wear protective clothing, close the host door, hold the sandblasting gun, turn on the sandblasting switch, and hold the spray gun to clean the parts with sand blasting, which is suitable for machinery and equipment industry, shipbuilding industry, military industry, construction machinery industry, petroleum machinery industry, bridge industry, locomotive industry, spraying industry, large steel structure, etc.

The price of grit blasting booth is one of the concerns of many prospective customers. Of course, at the beginning of the purchase, the price cannot be used as the only reference condition. The brand, configuration and the market reputation of the grid blasting booth manufacturer must also be considered at the same time. Only through systematic understanding and integration of various factors will the comparison of prices be meaningful. Among the factors that may affect the price of the grit blasting booth are the following:

1. Brand Factors

The establishment of general brands has taken a long time and has been tested by the market. The brand premium of well-known brands is relatively higher. This relatively high price is valuable because it has a relatively reliable quality and a more stable system.

2. Configuration factors

The configuration of the sandblasting room, such as the thickness of the steel plate, the type of steel, and the design of the mechanical structure are all factors that affect the price.

3. Requirements

Every customer has different requirements. Some customers have strict requirements. For example, the equipment must be less than xx meters, the weight must be limited to a certain tonnage, and how should the certain function be completed. These are not popular design requirements, which generally increase the manufacturer's design and process costs, which will be reflected in the price.

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