1.What is the target market for the shot blasting machine?

The shot blasting machine is designed for customers who require a more sophisticated method than just manual cleaning in preparation for further processing or painting.

2.What type of projectile does it use?

The shot blasting machine is designed to use round steel shot. The shot is recycled inside the system and gets smaller and smaller during the blasting process, until it is completely consumed. Approximately two tons are required for start-up, and approximately 20 pounds are consumed per blasting hour. Replenishment is easily done as needed.

3.What’s the requirements to run this type shot blasting machine?

The electrical system runs on three-phase input and a transformer will be provided for your supply voltage if required. Clean and dry compressed air supply is also needed.

4.What’s the production cost of using this kind of shot blasting machine?

● Self-developed high efficiency impeller head, optimize the layout of the shot blasting room let our machines require much less power than competitor's shot blast machines.
● Comparing to your manual methods, keep in mind that the shot blasting machine is at least 4 to 5 times as productive as manual cleaning.
● Only one operator is required to load and run the machine while it is working. Labor costs are much lower.
● Plus you will have a huge amount of extra capacity for cleaning. Using this kind of machine, it is a good deal.

5.Are there any special operator skills required for the Shot Blasting machine?

No, once the machine is installed and commissioning by our technician, running the machine consists of merely control the switches and setting the speed scale for the desired surface blasting effect. Maintenance is simple too.