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Five Key Points Of Standard Hook Shot Blasting Machine

The hook shot blasting machine should pay attention to five points during the test run, as follows:

1. Before the test run, carefully check whether the components of the machine are firmly connected;

2. Lubricate according to the requirements of the sixth part of the supplied manual;

3. No-load test run for 2 to 3 hours;

4. If no problems are found in the above steps, open the elevator and screw conveyor, and add about 600Kg of new abrasive to the equipment from the door of the cleaning room. These abrasive are transported by the screw conveyor and lifted by the elevator, and finally stored in the hopper at the lower part of the separator. After driving, these abrasive will flow into the electric shot blaster through the electric shot gate valve in the lower part of the hopper, and the shot to be cleaned in the cleaning chamber will be shot blasted.

5. When adjusting the hook type shot blasting machine, pay attention to the position of the directional sleeve of the shot blasting device so that the projectile will completely cover the workpiece to be cleaned, otherwise, it will affect the cleaning efficiency. The position of the directional sleeve window can be painted with black ink on a wooden board or laid a thick paper when installing, placed at the position of the workpiece to be cleaned, start the shot blaster, and manually add it to the shot tube of the shot blaster Check the position of the projectile with a small amount of abrasive. If the position of the projectile area is incorrect, adjust the orientation sleeve to obtain the ideal position. After the orientation sleeve is adjusted, a load test can be carried out. After 30 minutes of shot blasting, add 400 kg of abrasive.