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Four Common Facts On How Shot Blast Accessories Impact The Machine’s Life Span

Shot blaster is an essential part of shot blasting accessories. Since the main cleaning task of shot blasting house is completed by the shot blaster’s shot blasting process, the quality of the shot blaster significantly impacts the efficiency and effect of shot blasting. Now, QDBH machinery will introduce four common facts about how shot blasting accessories impact the machine’s life span to you.

1. Accessory for shot blasting machine: Impeller blade

The main reason for impeller blade wear is that since the blade's contact with the projectile is slightly larger, it gets worn more seriously than other accessories of our shot blaster for sale. The service life of an impeller blade is around 500 hours. If the blade gets worn without proper maintenance, it will greatly impact the efficiency and quality of the shot blasting process.

2. Accessory for shot blasting machine: Shot blaster

The function of the control cage in a shot blaster is to adjust the shot angle. If this accessory is damaged or worn, the shot material of the projectile will scatter everywhere, indicating a need to be replaced or renewed.

3. Accessory for shot blasting machine: Dust remover

The dust remover plays an essential and indispensable role in shot blasting machines. I believe there is no need for me to talk in detail about its function, which is to remove dust. There will be a certain amount of dust and impurities produced during the process of any shot blaster. You need to replace the dust remover bag regularly to prevent the worsened effect and efficiency of your shot blaster. The service life of the dust remover is normally longer than other accessories, with an estimated time of three years, and it will vary according to your quality. We would recommend using relatively high-quality dust remover bags.

4. Accessory for shot blasting machine: Impeller

I’d say that impeller is the main worn and damaged accessory. Why is that? This is due to the various usage of it in the machine. Being the medium between the shot blasting material and the blade, the impeller will be constantly worn and damaged, with a service life of 1000 hours.

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