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Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine Case02

This is a hook shot blasting machine designed by BHJC Machinery for a customer to clean their steel structures. After shot blasting, the workpiece is cleaned and all those purposes achieved:

  • Rust removed;

  • Strengthen;

  • Internal stress eliminated;

  • Surface adhesion improved quite a lot;

  • Descaling;

  • Fatigue resistance improved;

  • Service life prolonged.

Hook type shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning foundry part, construction, chemical engineering, machine tools and many other industries of large, medium-size castings and forgings surface cleaning.

There is no strict restriction of the parts to be cleaned, so it is the most popular type of cleaning machine almost suitable for all shapes kind. Also, it is easy to work with, with high work efficiency.

Because this type shot blasting machine is so popular and old customers often recommend it to their cooperate factories, BHJC Machinery has a safety store for these Q37 standard hook types machine all these years, to make sure to deliver them within 3 days after the customer’s order. If you have a similar request, please contact BHJC team for more details, BHJC welcomes the machine inspection at any time.