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How Does the Floor Shot Blasting Machine Work?

Floor shot blasting machines are widely used in sand blasting before waterproof construction of concrete floors, steel deck expressways and bridges. The entire treatment is dust-free and pollution-free, it can effectively remove ground scum, stains, etc., and can also improve the adhesion of the paint.

1. Application of floor shot blasting machine

Floor shot blasting machine is mainly used in epoxy floor surface roughening, steel surface cleaning, airport demarcation engineering, railway bridge deck waterproof construction, road bridge and tunnel pavement roughening, etc. Products are widely used in concrete shot blasting, bridge shot blasting, steel plate shot blasting, steel box girder bridge shot blasting, high-speed railway shot blasting, airport runway degumming, highways and airports to increase friction area, ship shot blasting, and waterproof construction shot blasting, industrial floor shot blasting, road marking line cleaning, large oil storage tanks, etc., large warships and ship splints shot blasting to improve adhesion. BH Blasting can design and produce various customizations according to user needs to meet the needs of different industries.

2. The working principle of the floor shot blasting machine

The floor shot blasting machine uses a motor-driven shot blasting impeller to generate centrifugal force and wind during high-speed rotation. The shot blasting volume reaches 200Kg/min and enters the high-speed rotating sub-grinding wheel. Under the action of centrifugal force, the projectile is thrown from the sub-grinding wheel into the orientation. The sleeve is then thrown through the directional sleeve (to control the battering direction of the sand), picked up by the high-speed rotating blade, and continuously accelerated along the length of the blade to throw it out. The projectiles are thrown to form a fan-shaped stream with a speed of 120m/.... The speed of s is thrown on the road surface and the surface of the steel plate, and the depth can reach 1-5mm according to the type of abrasive. The convexity and concave are uniform, and the impact working plane plays a role of cleaning and strengthening.

Then the projectiles, dust and impurities pass through the rebound chamber to the top of the storage hopper. The high-power dust collector separates the shot material from the dust through the separator above the storage hopper. The shot material of the floor shot blasting machine enters the storage hopper to continue recycling, and the dust enters the dust collector through the dust removal pipe.

It is separated by the filter element and stays in the dust hopper and the surface of the filter element. The automatic back-blowing dust collector can automatically clean each filter element at intervals by providing back-blowing air with compressed air. Finally, the inside of the machine is cleaned by the airflow of the matching vacuum cleaner, and the shot materials of the floor shot blasting machine and the cleaned impurities are classified and recovered, and the shot materials can be recycled again. The shot blasting device is equipped with a dust collector, which can achieve pollution-free construction, improve work efficiency and protect the environment.

The floor shot blasting machine can be used for shot blasting, roughening, derusting and strengthening of various road surfaces, large steel plates, etc. The shot blasting machine price will be different according to the different needs of users. If you need a floor shot blasting machine Or other shot blasting machines, our technicians will recommend and design a suitable shot blasting machine for you.

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