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How Much is a Shot Blasting Machine

Nowadays, shot blasting machines are more used in many industries, manufacturers will also pay attention to the price when they purchase. Today, QDBHmachinery will explain how much a shot blasting machine generally costs.

The shot blasting machine is a kind of shot blasting machine that uses the impeller driven by the motor to rotate at a high speed, so that the huge centrifugal force produced by it will throw the projectile out, and the thrown steel shot will violently collide with the component to achieve the purpose of removing the corrosion on the surface of the steel.

There are many models of shot blasting machines, including crawler shot blasting machine series, hook type shot blasting machine series, mobile pavement shot blasting machine, roller-through shot blasting machine, and many other models and series. Different models in these series have different prices.

The crawler shot blasting machine is a relatively small shot blasting machine. The basic standard model is a rubber crawler shot blasting machine, and their price ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The price of relatively large metal crawler shot blasting machines ranges around hundreds of thousands, and the price of the mobile shot blasting machine ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

No matter which series of shot blasting machine, it is based on the specific needs of customers. Our professional technical engineers provide professional technical solutions to ensure that the shot blasting machine suitable for customers.

QDBHmachinery is one of the most professional blasting machine manufacturers, with many years of professional experiences,which is more professional because of its focus. If you want to learn more about the shot blasting machine, you can check our website or leave us a message.

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