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How to Distinguish Sand Blasting Machine and Shot Blasting Machine

Generally speaking, shot blasting (small steel shot) is used in steel plate pretreatment (rust removal before painting) in ship repair and shipbuilding industry. Sandblasting (ore used in shipbuilding and repairing industries) is mostly used on shaped ships or sections. The function of sandblasting is to remove old paint and rust on the steel plate and repaint it. In the repair and shipbuilding industry, the main role of shot blasting and sandblasting is to increase the adhesion of steel plate coating paint.

In fact, casting parts are cleaned not only by shot blasting, but by roller for large parts at first, that is, the riser of casting parts is cut off and then rolled in the roller, and parts collide with each other in the roller, so that most of the sand on the surface is cleaned first before shot blasting or shot blasting is carried out.

According to the theory of modern metal strength, increasing the dislocation density of metal is the main direction to improve metal strength. It has been proved that shot blasting is an effective method to increase metal dislocation structure. This is of great significance to some metals that cannot be hardened by phase transformation (such as martensitic quenching) or transformation hardening, and for workpieces that require further strengthening on the basis. Aviation, aerospace industry, automobiles, tractors and other parts require lighter weight, but the reliability requirements are getting higher and higher. An important process measure is to use shot blasting to improve the strength and fatigue strength of components. The sand blasting machine and shot blasting equipment for sale are actually two different equipment for surface derusting and surface roughening.

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