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How to Install the Crawler Shot Blasting Machine?

We believe you have seen a machine called a crawler shot blasting machine in many factories. It can be said that the crawler shot blasting machine plays a pivotal role in the factory, and many factories are buying this kind of machine. Much of the large equipment needs to be installed before they can be put into use. So, the question is how is the crawler shot blasting machine installed?

First of all, the foundation should be selected when installing. In other words, the position where the machine is intalled should be kept flat, and the installation can be started after confirming the position where the machine is to be located.

People who have installed or assembled objects should know that the general parts of the machine should be assembled together first, and then small parts will be installed. This is also the case with crawler shot blasting machines. Therefore, assemble the important parts such as shot blaster and dust collector together at first.

After the general parts are assembled, it is the device of the projectile equipment. The machine that provides the projectile and splits the projectile is installed on the separator. You can prepare the tool to accept the separated object, and then recycle or dispose of it.

After assembling, there is still a process to debug to see whether the machine can be used normally. Under normal circumstances, the projectile should be uniform and seamless, so as to ensure the high efficiency of the operation. Therefore, if the discharged projectile is not uniform, manually adjust the weight hammer and separation plate until the uniform projectile can be separated.

For the crawler shot blasting machine, each process needs to be accurate, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Qdbhmachinery suggests that it is better to employ professional personnel to install the equipment.

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