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How to Judge the Quality of Shot Blasting Machine?

At present, the shot blasting machine industry is in a period of development, and the number of shot blasting machine manufacturers is increasing. The quality of the products produced by various manufacturers is also similar, making buyers wonder how to choose a good shot blasting machine. QDBH Machinery has rich experience in the production of shot blasting machines. Here is the experience of how we choose shot blasting machines and how to judge their quality.

At present, there is no unified standard for shot blasting machine production in the market. All buyers can only judge the quality over time. Then it will be too late to distinguish the quality of the equipment after the equipment fails. The following is the views by QDBH Machinery for the current quality of the shot blasting machine in the market:

1. First look at whether the shot blasting machine suppliers are professional. Only large enterprises with professional technology and good equipment can make good products.

2. Look at the materials used in the equipment, it is not enough to look at the appearance. Look at what materials are used inside, the quality of the material seriously affects the service life of the shot blasting machine.

3. Look at the processing effect of the equipment, inspect the equipment and its use on the spot, some equipment can not clean up the dead corner, then it will affect the effect of our processing workpiece.

4. Consult the manufacturer about the materials used in the shot blasting room and whether the guard plate is durable.

5. Listen to the sound of the shot blasting machine when it is turned on. Usually the sound is good. Don't just focus on cleaning the workpiece, the feelings of the workers in the workshop are also important.

6. Check whether the supporting facilities of the shot blasting machine are complete.

7. Observe the appearance of the shot blasting machine, whether it is exquisite, and whether the quality of paint spraying meets the standard.

8. Observe whether the processing of the shot blasting machine equipment accessories is meticulous, such as: guard plate, impeller, blade, directional sleeve, blasting wheel.

9. Whether the shot blasting effect and power can reach the expected effect.

10. The service life of wearing parts.

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