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How to Reduce the Loss of Abrasive Blasting Media?

1. Abrasive blasting media is very important for manufacturers

It's widely known that saving abrasive blasting media is closely tied to the success of manufacturers. How to save abrasive blasting media? It mainly manifests in the following aspects:

2. Methods of reducing the loss of abrasive blasting media

(1) Pressure

Pressure has immediate impact on the loss of abrasive blasting media. It's only by knowing the material and precise data in detail that efficiency can be improved and loss of abrasive blasting media can be reduced. Know your enemy and know yourself.

(2) Dust collector

It's advised that abrasive blasting media should be adjusted to a best situation before use. Clean up the filter cartridge timely, pour out the waste sand and reduce the usage of abrasive blasting media as much as possible.

(3) Airbrush

It's necessary to check whether there is any wear in the airbrush before using sand blaster. If any, the split and nozzle have to be replaced immediately to conserve abrasive blasting media.

(4) Sand pipe

It's a necessary thing to inspect whether the sand pipe of sand blaster is straight before running. Abrasive blasting media will be wasted if the pipe is bent.

It's better to tell the accurate type of abrasive blasting media in advance to the producer before confirming the technology so that they can design what complies to the demand and have precise control. Then the sand blaster will reduce usage metrics naturally.

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