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How to Solve the Problem of Electric Sandblaster Failure?

1. Analysis of the poppet valve of the electric sandblaster has been tripping and stopping

(1) The oil-water separator between the air storage tank and the poppet valve is blocked due to the dirty compressed air;

(2) After the poppet valve of the electric sandblaster has been running for a long time, the seals will wear out, causing the compressed air to leak, resulting in insufficient air supply.

2. Reasons for the damage of the electric sandblaster bag

One is that the nozzle of the blowback system is not upright, causing the blowback deflection; on the other hand, the pressure of the blowback compressed air is too large.


(1) Reform the injection system. The cost of the transformation is high, the cycle is long, and it cannot be completed within the normal maintenance period.

(2) The pressure of the reverse blowing compressed air is controlled between 0.25 and 0.35 MPa, and the dust on the electric sandblaster bag can be removed. If the pressure is too high, the service life of the cloth bag will be affected. It can be adjusted by observing the change of the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the dust collector, so that the pressure difference is within the control requirement range (design pressure difference<1700Pa).

(3) Adjust the blowing program, changing the blowing pulse width from 150ms to 250ms to reduce the blowing force and reduce the wear of the cloth bag. Since the cloth bag cannot be replaced under normal power-on state, serious damage to the cloth bag will not only cause material accumulation in the surrounding cloth bag, which can not be used normally, but also cause the external dust to exceed the standard and pollute the environment. In addition, the cost of spare parts for cloth bags is also higher. This treatment not only saves costs, maintains the normal operation of the equipment, prolongs the service life of the bag, but also protects the environment.

3. Reasons for the poor effect of the electric sandblaster

The dust removal effect of the electric sandblaster is not good, the emission dust concentration exceeds the standard, the outlet is ash, and the dust emission is large. The reasons can be found from the following aspects:

(1) The newly installed clean filter bag has large pores, and the dust passing rate is high when it is first used, and it has not yet reached the best filtering state, and the dust emission is large.

(2) Check whether the installation of the filter bag is correct.

(3) The damaged filter bag will cause the dust-laden airflow to be discharged directly and dust from the outlet of the exhaust cylinder behind the dust collector.

(4) For dust collectors whose inlet and outlet channels are separated by only partitions, check whether the intermediate partitions are tightly welded.

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