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Installation and Commission of Standard Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

We will check the quality of tumble belt shot blasting machine in the production process and before delivery, so you don't need to worry about its quality if you purchase this machine. You need to install the shot blasting machine before starting. Only by installing the crawler shot blasting machine with the correct method can ensure its normal running.

1. Installation of the machine

(1) The foundation construction shall be determined by the user: the user shall configure concrete according to the local soil quality, check the plane with a level meter, install it after the horizontal and vertical level, and fasten the foot bolts

(2) Before delivery, the cleaning room, shot blaster and other parts have been installed as a whole. Installation according to the general drawing, the upper lifting cover of the hoist shall be fastened with bolts on the lower lifting cover. During the installation of the lifting belt, Keep it horizontal when adjust the bearing seat of the upper to avoid belt deviation. Then fasten the separator and the upper part of the hoist with bolts.

(3) The shots supply gate is installed on the separator, and the recovery pipe is inserted into the recovery hopper at the back of the cleaning room.

(4) Separator: there should be no gap under the projectile flow curtain in normal. If the full curtain cannot be formed, adjust the adjusting plate until the full curtain is formed, so as to obtain a good separation effect.

(5) Connect the shot blasting chamber, separator and dust remover with pipeline to ensure the dust removal and separation effect.

(6) The electrical system can be directly connected according to the circuit diagram.

2. Idling commissioning

(1) You must read the operation manual, and have a comprehensive understanding of the structure and performance of the equipment.

(2) Before starting the machine, check whether the fasteners are loose and whether the lubrication of the machine meets the requirements.

(3)Before starting the machine, single action test shall be carried out for all parts and motors. Each motor shall rotate in the correct direction, and the belt of crawler and elevator shall be properly tightened without deviation.

(4) Check whether motors, bearing temperature, reducer and shot blaster running normally. Any problem, find out and adjust it.

Generally, it's OK to install the crawler shot blasting machine according to the above method. Just need to pay attention to daily maintenance.