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Installation and Commissioning of Standard Crawler Shot Blasting Machine

We will inspect the quality of the crawler shot blasting machine during the production process and before leaving the factory, so when you buy the crawler shot blasting machine, you don't have to worry about its quality. However, the crawler shot blasting machine needs to be installed before using. Only by installing the crawler shot blasting machine in the correct way can it ensure its normal use.

1. Installation of crawler shot blasting machine

(1) The basic engineering is determined by the user: the user can configure the concrete according to the local soil quality and the layout of the workshop, use a level to check the vertical and horizontal level of the plane, then install it, and tighten the anchor bolts everywhere.

(2) The crawler shot blasting machine is installed with a cleaning room, shot blaste and other parts before leaving the factory. According to the overall diagram when the machine is installed as a whole, the lifting cover of the hoist should be fastened with lifting cover bolts, and the upper pulley bearing seat should be adjusted when the lifting belt is installed. After that, keep it level to avoid belt deviation, and then fasten the separator and the upper part of the hoist with bolts. At last, install the pellet supply gate on the separator, insert the pellet recovery tube into the recovery hopper behind the cleaning room.

(3) Separator: When the separator is working normally, there should be no gaps under the projectile flow curtain. If a full screen cannot be formed, the adjustment plate should be adjusted until a full screen is formed to achieve a good separation effect.

(4) Connect the pipes between the shot blasting chamber, separator and dust collector with pipes to ensure the effect of dust removal and separation.

(5) The electrical system can be wired directly according to the wiring diagram that has been laid out.

2. Free running debugging of crawler shot blasting machine

(1) Before running the shot blasting machine, you must be familiar with the relevant provisions of the shot blasting machine instruction manual that comes with the machine, and have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the structure and performance of the shot blasting machine.

(2) Before starting the machine, check whether the fasteners are loose and whether the lubrication of the machine meets the requirements.

(3) The machine is required to be assembled correctly. Before the shot blasting machine is turned on, a single-action experiment should be carried out for each component and motor. Each motor should be rotated in the correct direction. The crawler and hoist belts should be moderately tight and free of deviation.

(4) Check the no-load current of each motor, whether the bearing temperature rises, reducer, and shot blasting device are in normal operation. If problems are found, the cause should be found out and adjusted

Generally, the crawler shot blasting machine can be installed according to the above method. There is no need to worry about any problems in the process of use, but you must pay attention to its daily maintenance work.

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