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Precautions During Installation Of Conventional Small Shot Blasting Equipment

Under normal circumstances, the finished shot blasting machine has been assembled into several functional large parts to the maximum extent according to the transportation conditions. After the shot blasting machine arrives at the installation site through transportation, the installation of the whole machine should be carried out under the guidance of the professional installation personnel of our company. For example, the order of the hook type shot blasting machine is to install the cleanroom chamber, screw conveyor, hoist top cover, separator, pellet supply device, rail, hook system, and electrical system.

1) Preparation before installation of shot blasting equipment

a) Acceptance of foundation

Before the shot blasting machine is installed, the construction of the foundation should be checked according to the foundation drawing. The zero plane should be used as a reference to check whether each installation location meets the requirements of the drawings and make a record. At the same time, the construction personnel should draw the line where the blasting equipment is placed on the ground according to the basic drawing with ink lines for reference when installing the equipment.

b) Place

After the shot blasting machine is transported to the installation site, it should be placed on relatively flat ground. All parts should not be placed in an open environment to prevent the machine from rusting and damaging electrical components.

CAUTION When lifting parts, be sure to lift and release. Be well protected.

c) Plastic surgery

Due to transportation or other reasons, the shot blasting machine should undergo necessary shaping during installation.

2) Installation site

After the shot blasting machine is installed, there should be enough space to be able to:

a) Facilitate the maintenance of equipment;

b) Easy to load and unload workpieces;

c) In consideration of safety, the industrial shot blasting machine console should be installed on the opposite side of the chamber body shot blaster, and staggered from the cleaning chamber body by a sufficiently safe distance.

3) Surrounding environment

The shot blasting machine should be installed in a workshop to avoid rain and dry to prevent damage to electrical components and rusting of the projectile. If there is no special requirement, the dust removal system can be placed in the open air, but a rainproof shed needs to be added. If the user intends to place the equipment outside the workshop, a simple workshop should be made specifically for the equipment to effectively protect the equipment; At the same time, factors such as easy maintenance of the equipment, convenient transportation of workpieces, and impact on the surrounding environment should be considered to facilitate the equipment can serve users to the greatest extent.


a) Do not install the device where water may flow;

b) The shot blasting machine should be firmly fixed on the foundation to prevent vibration;

c) The components after installation and adjustment should be flexible and free of jamming, sharp friction and other phenomena;

d) During installation, the transmission belt of the bucket elevator should be tightened, and the sag of the drive chain of the elevator should be 2 to 4% of the center distance of the sprocket.