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Introduction and Application of the Shot Blast Cleaning Machine

The use of the shot blast cleaning equipment is to cool the castings after unpacking to 30 ℃ and put them on the trolley. Projectiles will be speed up to about 80m/s by the high-speed rotating shot blaster and then be throwed onto the surface of castings. The inner cavity that cannot be cleaned can be cleaned up with a spray gun. And the core sand from castings can be regenerated by separation and dust removal due to the high-speed shot of projectiles, and can still be used after magnetic separation.

Work principles of the shot blast cleaning machine: Take the common caterpillar shot blast cleaning machine as an example, the workpiece should be put into the roller of rubber tracks. When the operator presses the "run" button, the door of the shot blasting chamber will close, and start the shot blast cleaning. As the caterpillar runs forward, workpieces will rotate continuely , and projectiles will be cast on to the surface of these rotating workpieces on a high speed by the efficient and high-speed impeller head, during which the workpiece can be evenly and completely cleared. The steel projectiles flow into the screw conveyor through the slip hole on the track, and then the steel projectiles is transported to the bucket elevator, which lifts the steel projectiles to the separator, and these projectiles will be separated and stored for reuse. When the process of shot blast cleaning is over, the door of the shot blasting chamber will open automatically, and the track will reverse, then the workpieces will be discharged.

The range of application: Cleaning and polishing of die castings, precision casting, close-to-finish forging, etc. Removement of the oxide coating on the surface of heat-treated parts, castings and forgings. The reinforcement of springs. Derusting and pretreatment of fasteners.

  1. The high-efficiency and direct-connected strong shot blast Cleaning device is adopted, with high transfer efficiency and large amount of shot blasting.

  2. The High-efficient air separator is used and the separation rate of shot-sand is more than 99%.

  3. The coverage of projectiles is even, with no blind angle of shot-blasting.

  4. Wear-resistant parts have long service life and can be replaced quickly.

  5. The equipment operates with low noise.

  6. The electrical system is controlled by a relay (or PLC), and the control cabinet, the sound and light alarm device and the PC are produced by famous manufacturers. Main components are produced by joint-venture companies, which are easy and reliable to operate.

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