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Introductions of Components of the Hook Shot Blasting Machine

The hook type shot blasting machine is composed of many components, including the main engine, the track, the impeller head, the elevator, the separator, the screw machine, the dust collector, the electric cabinet, etc. QDHB will introduce that for you: introductions of components of the hook shot blasting machine.

1. The separator of hook type shot blasting machine

It adopts advanced full curtain shot-sand separator. The shot-sand mixture from the bucket elevator is evenly distributed along with the whole separator, and then the shot material flows uniformly to the bottom of the separator in a state of a flowing curtain by the adjustment of the separator hammer. At this time, the fan of the separator exhausts air through the outlet of the separator. According to the principle of gravity air separation, the pellets and fragments of metal oxide films, broken pellets, and dust are effectively separated by the hook type shot blasting machine. The large particle waste flows out from the overflow opening of the separator, and the fine pellets and dust flow out from the waste outlet. The pellets will enter the pellet silo to circulate.

By adjusting the gap between the vertical and horizontal baffles of the separator, the height and track of the distribution layer can be improved. With the adjustment of the baffle in the separation area, a good separation effect can be obtained, reaching a separation efficiency as high as 99%.

2. The cleaning room of hook type shot blasting machine

The cleaning room of hook type shot blasting machine is on the upper part of the cleaning room, the conveyor trough is sealed in a labyrinth structure to prevent the projectile from flying over. The sealing rubber and the brush should be checked regularly, and those seriously worn or torn should be replaced in time to ensure safe sealing.

The top opening of the cleaning room is equipped with curtains of labyrinth seal and multiple rubber seal, as well as nylon wire (Switzerland + GF + the company's technology). Its structure is exquisitely designed and convenient to replace, so as to prevent the projectile from rebounding to the outside of the room.

The multistep labyrinth seal is adopted: The first layer is made of wear-resistant polyurethane plate, and the Y-type labyrinth structure is adopted; the second and third layers are made of high-strength, high elastic and high wear-resistant rubber plates, and the V-type structure is adopted; the fourth layer is made of nylon wire, and the "one" structure is adopted, and the saddle-shaped wear-resistant plate is used inside the chamber.

The front and rear sealing chambers:

The sealing chamber of the shot blasting cleaning chamber is a welding structure of steel plate and section steel. It forms a wide space for workpiece cleaning together with the cleaning chamber. The inner wall of the sealing chamber close to the shot blasting chamber is protected by a wear-resistant plate made of high manganese steel and all the protective plates can be easily replaced. The sealing effect of the projectile is ideal and there is no projectile flying out. The sealing chamber is also equipped with a dust removal port, through which the dust removal system ventilates and dedusts the whole equipment. One end of the sealing chamber is connected with the shot blasting chamber, and there are a steel and rubber plate inside for sealing.

3. The track of hook type shot blasting machine

The top track is made according to the traveling standard, equipped with an electric trolley, with high safety factor and good handling. The load of the crane is 5000kg, and the joint-venture KADU (chain) electric hoist is used, with a low failure rate and a performance as twice as an ordinary hoist.

4. The electric cabinet of hook type shot blasting machine

The electrical system is controlled by the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) made in Japan, And other electric elements are produced by famous manufacturers in China. The whole system can be operated automatically, and all parts of the equipment can be operated according to the pre-programmed program; it can also be manually controlled to facilitate the debugging and maintenance personnel to adjust the equipment; Now the operator can start each functional component in sequence, or can jog a single functional component (such as the hoister) out of sequence, so as to test the performance and operation of relevant components. In order to ensure safe operation, the equipment is equipped with an alarm device. If a moving part fails in production, the alarm device will immediately alarm and stop the whole operation. The electrical system of this machine has the following characteristics:

The access door is interlocked with the shot blaster. When the access door is open, the shot blasting device cannot work as well. The projectile circulation system is equipped with an alarm system, and if any part of the system fails, the parts above it will stop running automatically to prevent the projectile from jamming and the power unit from burning down. The equipment has modes of automatic control, manual control, and maintenance state, as well as chain safeguard among each process.

5. The impeller head of hook type shot blasting machine

The shot blasting device adopts the high-efficiency impeller head produced by our company (the shot blasting technology of Japan's Shinto company). In China, the shot blasting machine is our company's unique technology and completely manufactured by our company. It has the following advantages:

high efficiency: the shot blasting efficiency can reach 16KG / min · kW due to the special structure of the impeller.

Quick blade assembly and disassembly: since the blade of the impeller head is inserted from the center of it, the blade is fixed by centrifugal force when the impeller is rotating, so no clamping tool is needed. When disassembling the blades, they can be easily removed from the center of the impeller by tapping the outer end of the blade. It only takes 5-10 minutes to remove the 8 blades, and the wear of the impeller and directional set can be checked at the same time.  

The holes of the fixed shaft and the directional set on the housing are processed at one time: In this way, the gap between the directional set and the impeller is uniform and consistent, which not only reduces the wear of the projectile caused by the impeller head and the crack of the directional set, but also greatly improves the shot blasting efficiency.

6. The dust collector of hook type shot blasting machine

In order to further reduce the concentration of dust emission, the dust collector adopts the two-stage dust removal mode of inertia sedimentation and high-efficiency push bag filter, which can improve the separation efficiency of the projectile slag separator and ensure the stability of air volume and air pressure in the separation area of the separator. Dust emission conforms to JB / t8355-96 standard and is less than 100 mg / m3. Through the calculation of the selected exhaust volume, there is no dust overflow during the operation of the equipment. The dust concentration in the working site is less than 10mg / m3, and the dust removal efficiency is more than 99.5%.

7. The hoister of hook type shot blasting machine

The feed port of the bucket elevator is connected with the screw conveyor, and the discharge port is connected with the separator.

The housing of the hoister adopts the bend-forming and welding structure. There is an access door on the housing of the hoister to repair and replace the lifting hopper. Opening the cover on the lower side of the housing, you can repair the lower drive and eliminate the blockage of projectiles at the bottom. This machine uses flat belt to rotate. During operation, the hopper fixed on the conveyor belt scrapes the projectiles at the bottom of the elevator, and then under the drive of the motor of the hoister, the projectiles will be sent to the top of the hoister. Finally, the projectiles will be fed into the shot-sand separator by centrifugal gravity.

In order to ensure that the conveyor belt does not slip during operation, the roller is made into the type of a squirrel cage, which not only improves the friction force between the lifting belt and the pulley but also avoids the slipping phenomenon of the old-fashioned smooth pulley, reducing the preload of the lifting belt and prolonging the service life of it.

At the same time, the hoister is equipped with a set of tightening devices. If the belt is loose, the belt can be tightened by adjusting the adjusting bolts on both sides of the upper part of the hoister.

8. The projectile distribution system of hook type shot blasting machine

It adopts the gate valve of projectiles controlled by the cylinder (or electromagnet) independently developed by our company to achieve remote control of the supply of projectiles, which avoids the phenomena of the motor burning out, the impeller head blocking, the projectile empty throwing, and injury caused by the loose closing of the ordinary control valve of projectiles, and reaches the same advanced level in developed countries. By adjusting the bolts on the projectile controller, the required shot blasting volume can be obtained.

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