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QWD1200 Mesh Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine Successfully Delivered Today!

QWD1200 mesh belt type shot blasting machine has been carefully made by the masters, completed the test, and successfully delivered to customers from the BH Qingdao factory!

  • QWD Series Mesh Belt Shot Blasting Machine is a new type of equipment that is independently developed by our company.

  • In terms of cleaning equipment classification, it should belong to Q69 Series Through Type Shot Blasting Machine.

  • Mainly used for the surface shot blasting machine of thin-walled castings; iron or aluminum alloy castings which have the feature of thin-walled and fragile; ceramics and other small parts, and also for strengthening the work-pieces.

  • It has the characteristics of good continuity, high cleaning efficiency, small deformation, no need for the foundation for the machine, etc. It can be used alone or in combination with the production line.

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