BH company newly developed LSLT series high-efficiency submerged filter cartridge dust collector

Dust removal system includes filter drum dust collector, settling room, fan and fan duct, connecting pipe and chimney between the dust collector and the host.

LSLT series high-efficiency submerged filter cartridge dust collector is a new generation of high-efficiency dust collector designed and manufactured by our company that absorbs domestic advanced technology and has the following advantages:

1. Very high space utilization

The filter element filter cartridge is arranged in a folded form, and the ratio of the filter area to its volume is 30-40 times that of the traditional filter bag, reaching 300m2 / m3. The use of filter cartridges can make the dust collector structure more compact, greatly reducing the floor area and space of the dust collector.

2. Good energy saving and long service life of filter material

The filter cartridge type dust collector has a large filter material density and a large filter area in a small volume, which can reduce the filtration speed, reduce system resistance, reduce operating costs, and save energy. The low filtration speed also reduces the destructive erosion of the filter material by the airflow and extends the life of the filter cartridge.

3. Easy to use, low maintenance workload

The integrated filter cartridge has a better fixing method, which is convenient for transportation, installation and maintenance, and can be easily disassembled and assembled by one person, which greatly reduces the maintenance workload.

4. Good filter cartridge regeneration performance

Using pulse, vibration or reverse air cleaning, the filter cartridge can be easily regenerated, and the cleaning effect is good. The filter dust removal technology of the filter cartridge is a new generation of bag-type dust removal, and is the filtration technology of the 21st century.

The dust emission concentration of the on-site working environment meets the national environmental protection requirements.

Post time: Mar-16-2022