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  • Using Alternatives in Pretreatment Baths for Degreasing

    Effective cleaning at low, even ambient temperatures, is possible and creates a safer work environment and reduces energy demands. Q: We have been using the same degreasing product for many years and it works relatively well for us, but it has a short bath life and operates around 150oF. After ab...
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  • The Paint Shop Can Now Rely on Dürr’s Artificial Intelligence

    Dürr presents Advanced Analytics, the first market-ready AI application for paint shops. Part of the latest module in the DXQanalyze product series, this solution merges the latest IT technology and Dürr’s experience in the mechanical engineering sector, identifies the sources of defects, d...
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  • China’s Casting Production Expects a Slight Growth in 2019

    Since 2018, a considerable number of outdated foundry plants have been shut down due to strict environmental protection policies and other factors. Since June 2019, a nationwide environmental inspection has raised higher requirements for many foundries. Because of the heating season in North Chin...
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