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Operation Steps of Small Crawler Shot Blasting Machine

When the crawler shot blasting machine is operated, the workpiece is put into the rubber crawler drum. The operator presses the work button, the shot blasting chamber door is closed, the crawler works forward, and the workpiece continuously rolls. The high-efficiency and powerful shot blasting device can shoot the shot blasting on the surface of the rolling workpiece at high speed, and the workpiece can be cleaned up thoroughly and evenly.

The steel shot flows into the screw conveyor through the chute on the crawler, and the steel shot is transported to the bucket elevator, then the bucket elevator is lifted to the separator, which is separated and stored for later use. After the shot blasting is completed, the shot blasting chamber door is automatically opened, the crawler is reversed, and the workpiece is unloaded.

Features: the cantilever centrifugal shot blasting machine is selected for the small shot blasting machine, which has the characteristics of long service life and simple structure. The selection of BE type separator has excellent separation function and high productivity, which has an active effect on improving the blade.

The dust emission concentration of bag filter is lower than the national standard, which greatly improves the working environment of operators. The selection of wear-resistant rubber crawler reduces the collision and damage to the workpiece and reduces the noise of the machine. The pellets are evenly covered, and there is no dead corner of the pellets. Wear-resistant parts have long service life and are sensitive to replacement. The equipment works are with low noise.

Relay (or PLC) is selected for electrical control. Crawler shot blasting machine is suitable for surface derusting or shot blasting reinforcement of various kinds of large, medium and small batch production. Crawler shot blasting machine can be used on both single machine and wiring.

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