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Core Shoting Machine

Core Shoting Machine

The core shooting machine has the functions of core shooting and core lifting. It is suitable for shooting various sand cores for horizontal or vertical parting. Taking the horizontal sand core as an example, the pressing part in front of the upper plate is provided with four fixed shafts for hanging the upper core box, and the lower core box is installed on the workbench of the base. Take the core and break through the four guide shafts of the opening and closing mold of the previous horizontal split-core shooting machine. Install it on the base to complete the opening and closing mold. The open humanized design is simple to operate and high in production efficiency.

Specification of Core Shoting Machine

Mold board max (mm)dimension450x400550x400650x400750x580850x600950x600
Cover half thickness (mm)150150180180200250
Movable mold mini thickness (mm)150200200200250250
Outline dimension(mm)400400400400400450
Heating power (kw)152020253040
Sand hopper volume (kg)200200200250250250
Heating modeElectric heatingElectric heatingElectric heatingElectric heatingElectric heatingElectric heating
Heating power (kw)202530405060
System pressure(Mpa)0.55-0.700.55-0.700.55-0.700.55-0.700.55-0.700.55-0.70
Operation modeManual /autoManual /autoManual /autoManual /autoManual /autoManual /

Core Shoting Machine Video

Core Shoting Machine

Main Structure of Core Shooting Machine

The core shooter is composed of a bed, column, upper plate, mold frame parts, sand hopper, airbag, and return sand scraping device. The bed is welded by section steel and steel plate. It has sufficient rigidity and strength to ensure the smooth operation of each component. The mold clamping cylinder is installed inside the bed, the control solenoid valve and the speed control valve are inside the bed, the control button plate is fixed on the side of the bed, and the equipment runs in a single week. Controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC). The two uprights are installed behind the bed and are the necessary components to connect the bed and the upper beam. The two columns are welded with thick steel, which has higher strength and stability. The worktable, four guide columns and guide sleeves form a mold frame part. The worktable is connected to the mold clamping cylinder, and the mold opening and closing process are completed along with the four guide columns. When the movable mold is moved down into place, the four core rods can eject the sand core to facilitate manual core removal.

The beam component is installed above the machine tool, the upper cylinder is equipped with a compression cylinder shooter, an air storage bag, a walking cylinder is installed on the column, and the bottom of the upper panel is equipped with a gate. When the sand barrel is retracted, it can automatically open the gate for sand. A sand stop cup is installed above the gate. It can stop the inflow automatically when the sand is full. There are four fixed shafts in the pressing part in front of the upper plate to hang the upper core box, and the lower core box is installed on the workbench of the base. The open space between the upper and lower core boxes is more convenient for the operator to take the core, breaking the previous horizontal division The four guide shafts of the mold opening and closing mold of the core shooting machine are installed on the base to complete the mold opening and closing. The open type is more user-friendly, the operation is simple, and the production efficiency is high.

The return stroke sand scraping device is installed in the middle of the two square boxes, and is composed of sand scraping cylinders, sand scraping plates, brackets and other components. It is fixed between the connecting plates connecting the two square boxes. When the sand shooting head completes the return stroke, the scraping The sand device moves, and the sand scraping cylinder pushes the sand scraping plate down to the upper surface of the mold, scraping away the residual coated sand, which is convenient for opening the upper core of the mold, and pushing the sand core away from the upper mold, so as not to open the sand core The upper model surface is damaged to ensure the quality of the sand core.

Electric control uses Japan OMQON. The electric control system consists of an electric box, position signal switch and control box. The electric box includes a power switch, an electric heating control element, a program controller and so on.

The program controller is the core component that has sufficient control over the entire machine. This electrical control system uses a programmable controller imported from Japan. This system uses an integrated circuit, a proximity switch as the signal element of the detector position, and the switching current is provided by the switching power supply in the electrical box.

Work Process of Core Shooting Machine

Mold clamping → sand barrel in place → shot head compression → shot sand (venting) → shot head release → sand barrel return (simultaneous return sand scraping) → ejector's head is in place standby → curing time is up → ejector head is pressed down and pushed up Core → Open the mold to continue the top core → Pull the top core back → Open the mold in place and lower the core → Take the core (manual)

Failure analysis and solutions of Core Shooting Machine




Air leakage between the indenter and the sand barrel when shooting sand

The pressure head sealing ring is damaged or there is sand on the upper end of the sand barrel.

1. Replace the sealing ring.

2. Remove the residual sand from the upper end of the sand barrel.

When shooting sand, air leaks between the shooting board and the mold, running sand.

The upper surfaces of the left and right molds are not on the same plane.

Re-adjust the height of the mold and adjust the upper surface to the same plane.

The vent hole of the sand shooting valve is not exhausted

1. The shot filter is clogged.

2. The sand-blasting filter is damaged, and the sand discharge blocks the muffler.

1. Clean or replace the filter

2. Clean the silencer

The mold cavity is not full

1. The shot filter is clogged.

2. The sand injection nozzle is blocked.

3. The nozzle and the mouth are too high

4. Short shot time

5. The shot pressure is too low or too high

6. Sand barrel Insufficient sand.

1. Clean or replace the filter

2. Clean the nozzle

3. Adjust the position of the nozzle

4. Extend sand shooting time

5. Increase or decrease the shot pressure

6. Add sand to the sand barrel

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