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Sand Renewable Machine

Sand Renewable Machine

The used sand renewable machine utilizes the collision and friction between the sand particles and the equipment, so as to complete the used sand striping.

The common type is S52 series centrifugal and Eddy type sand renewable machine; S53 series mechanical and rubbing type renewable machine.

Specification of Machine Sand Renewable Machine

S52 Series centrifugal and eddy type sand renewable machine:









Power (KW)




Stripping rate (%)


Fine dust content (%)


Recycling rate (%)


S53 Series mechanical and rubbing type sand renewable machine:




Productivity (T/H)



Diameter of Inlet door (mm)



Main shaft power (KW)



Fan power (KW)



Advantages of Sand Renewable Machine

S52 Series centrifugal and eddy type sand renewable machine:

  • Adopts deep rotary basin to increase the time that sand stays in the basin to increase the friction time of the sand.

  • It is a centrifugal eddy type regeneration machine that mainly performs friction to remove the sand film.

  • The high-chromium wear-resistant cast iron material is used for the ring shape wear-resistant ring assembly.

  • The regenerator is equipped with an access door, which is convenient for inspection or maintenance.

  • The rotary shaft adopts a variety of dustproof measures such as labyrinth seal, seal ring seal and oil groove seal to prevent dust from entering the bearing part.

  • Compared with the rotary impeller type centrifugal regenerator, the sand particles are not easy to break, and there are fewer wearing parts;

  • Compared with the airflow regeneration method, it has less energy consumption and less wearing parts.

  • Compared with the vibration regeneration method, the stripping effect is better.

  • Compared with friction type recycling machines, it is easy to maintain and the cost of wearing parts is low.

S53 Series mechanical and rubbing type sand renewable machine:

  • Adopt friction-based regeneration principle, with high film removal rate and low crushing rate, and can effectively improve sand particle shape and distribution.

  • The sand is boiled by the blow method, and the sand is rubbed against each other between the two sets of high-speed rotating friction wheels to achieve the purpose of film removal and dust removal.

  • The friction wheel is made of high-hardness material, with long service life and easy replacement.

  • The compressed air is used to purge the bearing to make the bearing has a long service life and good sealing effect.

  • Adjust the size of the production rate to obtain different stripping effects, so the stripping rate can be determined according to different process requirements, reducing operating costs.

Composition of Sand Renewable Machine

This kind of centrifugal eddy type regeneration machine is composed of machine base; motor; rotating disk and rotating shaft support; ring shape wear-resistant ring assembly, housing and other components.

Working Principle of Sand Renewable Machine

S52 Series centrifugal and eddy type sand renewable machine:

  • The used sand regenerated from the upper part will automatically flow Adopts the principle of eddy regeneration, mainly using the rubbing between the used sand particles to achieve the purpose of used sand striping and rounding the sand particles.

  • The used sand automatically forms a cushion for the regeneration basin to protect the regeneration basin from wear.

  • The solid sand impact plate and the throttle plate is installed outside the regeneration basin to effectively ensure the used sand has reliable regeneration; small breakage and better roundness during the regeneration process.

  • This machine is two stages of regeneration into the downstream regeneration machine basin. After the second regeneration, the used sand will flow into the air separator.

  • The used sand after the second regeneration can effectively reduce the amount of liquid material added, and a secondary air separation mechanism is added to the lower part to discharge the inert film and dust in the recycled sand.

S53 Series mechanical and rubbing type sand renewable machine:

  • The sand flow is supplied by the metering device and enters the friction regeneration chamber from the inlet.

  • The two sets of interleaved friction discs perform relative rotation at high speed.

  • The outer surface of the friction disc is spray-welded with coarse-grained cemented carbide. The sand flow is rubbed.

  • At the same time, the airflow blown out by the high-pressure fan passes through the lower chamber through the boiling plate to make the sand particles boil.

  • The boiling plate is made of wear-resistant steel plates under the friction disc. Dense holes are drilled on the bottom of it. The crab shell nut with arc surface is welded under the hole.

  • The boiling plate adopts a special structure to prevent the sand flow from leaking from the hole to the lower chamber.

  • After the violent boiling collision and high-speed rubbing, the residual film shell attached to the surface is removed.

  • From the above mechanism, it can be seen that the roller regeneration machine focuses on the rubbing and grinding of the sand particles, and has no impact or crushing effect.

  • The sand particles are not easily broken and the shell film is easily removed.

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