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H Beam Shot Blasting Machine

H Beam Shot Blasting Machine

This series belongs to roller shot blasting machine, mainly used for buildings, bridges and other industries with large I-beam, H-beam steel structure such as size pieces of high stress and the elimination of cleaning the surface rust.

Specification of H Beam Shot Blasting Machine

Effective cleaning widthmm800120015001800
Room size body feed inlet sizemm1000x17001400x17001700x17002000x1800
Length of the workpiecemm1200-120001200-130001500-130002000-13000
Workpiece sizemm800x15001200x15001500x15001800x1600
Transmission speed (no-load speed)M/min0.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-4
Shot volume abrasive flow rateKg/min8*1808*1808*2508*250
The first time loading capacitykg4000500050006000
Total power (without dust collector)Kw125130180180

H Beam Shot Blasting Machine Video

H Beam Shot Blasting Machine

Features of H Beam Shot Blasting Machine

  1. Clean surface rust

  2. Improve corrosion resistance

  3. Improve anti-fatigue performance

  4. Extend steel service lifetime

  5. Make the steel surface craft performance

  6. Remove Internal stress

  7. Reduce labor intensity

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