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Pavers Shot Blasting Machine

Pavers Shot Blasting Machine

Pavers shot blasting machine is special equipment for pavers roughing which is dedicated designed by our company for the pavers processing industry. It is mainly used to increase the friction coefficient of the surface of the pavers and improve the surface decoration effect. After being processed by the pavers shot blasting machine, the surface of the pavers will show an effect similar to that of the litchi surface. Widely used in the fields of marble wall hanging and anti-skid on the ground. For the moment, more and more ground paving prefers the rough surface, has a board market prospect.

Pavers Shot Blasting Machine Video

Pavers Shot Blasting Machine

Main features of Pavers Shot Blasting Machine

  • Simulated shot diagram (including the determination of the model, number and spatial arrangement of the impeller head) and all drawings of the stone shot blasting machine are completely drawn by CAD. And after many times of practical experience optimize, to achieve a more perfect shot effect.

  • The body of the cleaning room is made of a high-quality Q235A steel plate (thickness 8-10mm). The inner wall is lined with a 10mm thick "Rolled Mn13" protective plate which has the reputation of "the best protective plate" and "lifetime", and adopts the "Block type" protective plate layout.

  • The Impeller Head is based on fully absorbing Shinto. Japan technology, and after continuously optimized, independently designed and manufactured by ourselves, with the feature of large blasting volume and high shot speed.

  • Adopting advanced “BE” type full-curtain Separator, and this separator was independently developed by our company on the basis of completely absorbed the technology of Swiss GEORGE FISCHER DISA (GIFA) and American Pangborn company, with perfect separation effect.

Steel shot control system:

The shot gate valve controlled by the cylinder is used to control the supply of the steel shot at a long distance, We can through adjust the bolts on the shot controller to obtain the required shot blasting amount. This technology is independently developed by our company.

The Application of Pavers Shot Blasting Machine

It consists of the following components: Shot blasting room, Front sealed chamber, Rear sealed chamber, Feeding in roller table, Sending out roller table, Longitudinal screw conveyor, horizontal screw conveyor, Bucket elevator, Separator, Platform, Roller in blasting chamber, Dust removal system, Electrical system, Steel shot distribution system, Screw conveyor, etc.

Working Principle of Pavers Shot Blasting Machine

  • During the cleaning process, the frequency conversion motor drove the roller table to send the work-piece into the shot area of the cleaning room.

  • The impact of the powerful and dense steel shot in the coordinate direction makes the corroded skin and dirt on the pavers drop rapidly, and the stone obtains a smooth surface with a certain roughness.

  • The steel shot and rust falling on the top surface of the work-piece is transported to the projectile circulation through the screw conveyor.

  • Under the operating of the industrial shot blasting machine, the surface of the pavers will quickly erode the flat surface into a three-dimensional litchi surface and fire surface.

  • This processing method has a fast processing speed, usually each team can handling more than 2000 square meters (according to 8 hours), it is very popular with customers.

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