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Shot Blasting Booth

Shot Blasting Booth

The grit blasting booth is special equipment designed to meet specific process requirements. Through sandblast cleaning, the dirt, oxide scale, welding slag and waste paint on the surface of the complex workpiece can be removed, the surface of the workpiece can be smooth, the internal stress of workpiece can be reduced, the surface of the workpiece can be strengthened, and the purpose of improving the surface and internal quality of workpiece can be achieved.

Equipment Components of Sand Blasting Booth

This machine is a special flat trolley sandblasting booths equipment. The sandblasting booths equipment consists of shot blasting chamber, flat trolley conveying system, sand blasting tank, pneumatic scraper system, screw conveyor, elevator, separator, sand abrasive control system, lighting system, dust removal system and electric control system etc.

Shot Blasting Booth Video

Shot Blasting Booth

Advantages of Shot Blasting Booth

The chamber body is made of steel plate and section steel, and its structure is strong.

The main body of the equipment is a strong and durable steel structure, lined with wear-resistant rubber guard plate, and the side of the chamber body is provided with a safety door. There are doors on one side of the chamber body, lighting lights on the top and side of the chamber body to maintain sufficient brightness in the room. The brightness of the interior is over 400 lux. The air supply outlet is designed on the side of the room body, and the air suction outlet is designed on the top of the equipment, which effectively avoids the dust rising and improves the indoor visibility and the working environment of workers. The upper part of the scraper is provided with a grid plate and a leak-proof plate. In order to decrease the depth of the pit, we adopt pneumatic scraper device and screw conveying structure.

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Application of Shot Blasting Booth

The abrasive blasting booth uses manual shot peening to remove surface rust. The surface finish and roughness of the cleaned workpiece meet the relevant international standards. Removal of dirt, oxide scale, welding slag and waste paint on the surface of complex workpiece can make the surface of workpiece smooth, reduce the internal stress of workpiece and strengthen the surface of workpiece in order to improve the adhesion and anti-corrosion ability of paint.

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