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Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine

Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine

Tunnel type shot blasting machines also can be named hook pass-through type shot blasting machines. This type of cleaning machine is suitable for the surface cleaning of large and medium-sized castings, forgings and structural parts in casting, construction, chemical, motor, machine tool and other industries.

Specification of Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine






Size of cleaning workpiece (mm)










Abrasive flow rate(kgs)





Power of turbine (kw)





Total power (kw)





Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine Video

Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine

Advantages of Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine

  1. Compact structure, small size, no bottom pit, easy to load and unload, a wide range of transportation, installation and debugging

  2. Large shot blasting volume and high projectile speed, significantly improving the cleaning efficiency and obtaining satisfactory cleaning quality

  3. The blasting device adopts curved blades, which has good cleaning effect and strong energy saving

  4. Full-curtain separator, good separation effect, improve the life of the wearing parts of the shot blaster

  5. The hook has the functions of self-lifting, walking, indoor rotation, etc. to ensure the cleaning quality

  6. Pneumatic gate, pneumatic pill supply, energy-saving and labor-saving

  7. The sealing structure around the gate is good, to ensure that no steel sand flew out, to ensure the safety of staff and the sanitary environment

Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine

Application of Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine

We use shot blasting technology to achieve the purpose of derusting and strengthening because shot blasting is still the most economical and reliable method in the world. Compared with other cleaning technologies, shot blasting has the following advantages:

  • Improve the fatigue resistance of mechanical products and metal components

  • Eliminate stress concentration

  • Extend its service life

  • Optimizing the surface state of the workpiece

  • Greatly improve the cleaning efficiency

  • Reduce the labor intensity of cleaning up

  • Reduce environmental pollution

This type of equipment is widely used in machinery manufacturing, engineering machinery, mining machinery, pressure vessels, automobiles, ships and other industries to improve the appearance quality and surface process status of its product parts.

Working Principle of Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine

The mechanical sand surface treatment is the use of the high-speed rotation of the impeller, to clean the surface of the workpiece.

After a very short period of time (usually 5-7 minutes), to complete the entire cleaning process.

Technical parameters Hook pass-through type shot blasting machine.

Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine

Function of Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine

QT37 hook type industrial shot blasting machine is a new type of equipment independently developed by our company. It is a non-standard product specially designed by our company according to customer requirements. It has the following advantages:
The use of 4-12 large-scale shot blasting volume and high shot speed of the international fourth-generation belt centrifugal shot blasting machine, significantly improves cleaning efficiency and obtains satisfactory cleaning quality.
The simulated projectile diagram (including the determination of the model, number and spatial arrangement of the projectile) is drawn in three dimensions using computer-aided design (CAD). The selection and arrangement of the projectile are more reasonable. The utilization rate and labor productivity of the projectile are improved, the cleaning effect is ensured, and the wear of the chamber bodyguard plate is reduced. The design of the equipment is completely done with CAD.
Separator adopts BE-type full-curtain type separator technology of the American Pan Bangen Company, and the separation effect is good.

Workpiece cleaning adopts hook-hanging mobile pass-through cleaning, which has a high degree of automation and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.

Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine

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