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Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine

Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine

QWD Series Wire Mesh Belt Shot Blasting Machine is a new type of equipment that is independently developed by our company.

In terms of cleaning equipment classification, it should belong to Q69 Series Pass-Through Type Shot Blasting Machine. Mainly used for the surface shot blasting machine of thin-walled castings; iron or aluminum alloy castings which have the feature of thin-walled and fragile; ceramics and other small parts, and also for strengthening the work-pieces. Good continuity, high cleaning efficiency, small deformation, no need for the foundation for the machine, etc. it can be used alone or in combination with the production line.

Specification of Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine







Cleaning room

Opening size




Mesh belt

Mesh belt width




Production efficiency

Frequency control




Impeller Head






Impeller diameter



Abrasive flow rate



Blasting speed







Steel shot

Initial addition




Bucket elevator

Lifting capacity







Horizontal Screw conveyor

Conveying capacity







Vertical Screw conveyor

Coveying capacity








Fractional dose



Separation zone wind speed



Waste content after separation






Mesh belt drive system





Equipment noise




Total power



Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine Video

Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine

Features of Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting cleaning room:

The shot blasting cleaning room is composed of sidewalls, access doors, top walls, Mn13 protective plate.

The shell of the shot blasting room is a steel plate welded structure, which is a sealed and spacious operation space for shot blasting.

8 sets of QBH037 type Impeller Head assembly are installed on the outer wall of the shot blasting room.

The Rolled Mn13 protective plate in the cleaning room is tightly pressed with hexagon nuts for easy disassembly and replacement.

Rolled Mn13 protective plate has good toughness and obvious surface work hardening characteristics. (Under the action of strong impact load or extrusion load, the stressed surface is hardened, and the surface hardness can be significantly improved from the initial HB170 level to above HB550 level, while the core still maintains good impact toughness).

The work-piece is transported through the shot blasting room by the mesh belt.

Impeller Head Assembly:

The industrial shot blaster assembly is composed of the shot blaster, motor, pulley, belt, belt cover, etc. The transmission adopts a B series V-belt.

This type of Impeller Head (QBH037) is based on fully absorbed Shinto. Japan technology, and after continuously optimized, independently designed and manufactured by ourselves.

It has the following advantages:

(1) High efficiency: with the special structure of the shot wheel, the shot blasting efficiency can reach 17.7kg/min · kW.

(2) Quick installation and disassembly of blades.

(3)  The holes of the fixed shaft and the directional sleeve on the cover are processed at one time: 

a. This can make the gap between the directional sleeve and the shot separating wheel uniform and consistent.

b. It not only reduces the wear of the shot separating wheel and the phenomenon of the directional sleeve squeezing, but also greatly improves the shot blasting efficiency.

Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine

(4) The shape and position tolerance accuracy of the eight fixed long grooves and holes on the impeller body of the Impeller Head is quite strict.

a. Our company adopts the imported special machining center, which can complete the whole process from indexing to rough milling till fine milling; and from indexing to drilling to chambering to reaming and other processes on the impeller at one time with one clamping.

b. It will ensure the balance of the operation of the Impeller Head, and the balance moment is between 12-15n · mm (national standard 1 8.6n · mm), which greatly reduces the noise of the equipment.

(5) The blade, the distribution wheel and the directional sleeve of the Impeller Head are made of the wear-resistant material; and by the production process of Shinto. Japan, which makes the weight difference of the blade controlled within 2g. It greatly reduces the noise during the operation of the Impeller Head and prolongs the service life of the consumable parts.

(6) The top protective plate and side protective plate of the shot blasting machine all adopt special structure, and the local thickness reaches 70mm, which greatly improves the wear resistance and service life of the protective plate.

Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine

(7) Beautiful appearance, delicate structure, convenient manufacturing and maintenance, low noise.

(8) Install a limit device on the Impeller Head: when the Top protective plate is opened for maintenance, ensure that the equipment cannot be started, thereby protecting the safety of the maintenance staff.

Bucket Elevator:

Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine

  • The bucket elevator is composed of cycloidal pinwheel reducer; The upper and the lower rollers; conveyor belt; hopper; closed barrel and tension device.

  • The lower feed port of the bucket elevator is connected with the screw conveyor, and the upper discharge port is connected with the separator.

  • The cover of Bucket Elevator adopts a welding structure, with beautiful appearance and good rigidity.

    Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine

  • The upper and lower roller adopts the advanced squirrel cage structure with the same diameter, which improves the friction between the lifting belt and the pulley, avoid skid phenomenon, and reduces the pre -tightening force of the lifting belt.

  • The cover of the bucket elevator is equipped with an access door, which can repair and replace the hopper. By opening the door cover on the lower access door, the lower drive can be maintained and the steel shot block at the bottom can be eliminated.

  • This machine uses a flat belt to rotate. During operation, the hopper fixed on the conveyor belt will scrape the steel shot at the bottom of the elevator; under the drive of the elevator motor, the steel shot will be discharged by centrifugal gravity and fed into the Separator.

  • The elevator is equipped with a set of the tension device. When the belt is loose, the belt should be tightened by adjusting the adjusting bolts on both sides of the upper part of the elevator. The adjustment range is 100 mm.

  • There is a pulse wheel in the lower shaft of the bucket elevator, which can detect and track the working state of the bucket elevator. Once the bucket elevator does not rotate or slips, it can feedback the signal to the PLC in time, to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

    A. Screw Conveyor:

  • The screw conveyor is composed of cycloidal pinwheel reducer, screw shaft, conveyor cover, bearing with seat, etc.

  • The spiral blade is made of 16Mn material, and its inner and outer circles are drawn after being processed by special technology.

  • The whole screw shaft is processed as a whole after welding, thus ensuring the coaxiality of both ends of the screw shaft.

  • The Screw Conveyor delivers the steel shot collected by the bottom hopper to the bucket elevator.

  • The pitch and outer circle size are very accurate, which improves the life of the spiral and reduces the running noise.

  • This part is an important part of the steel shot circulation system of the equipment.

  • For this part, Our company has realized seriation, with the feature of high versatility, interchangeability, stable and reliable performance.

Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine

  • Adopting advanced “BE” type full-curtain separator.

  • This separator was independently developed by our company on the basis of completely absorbed the technology of Swiss GEORGE FISCHER DISA (GIFA) and American Pangborn company, and after continuously optimized. It is the latest type of separator in our company

  • The separator is composed of two parts: drum screen and air separation system.

  • The drum screen is composed of inner spiral blades, outer spiral blades, screen body, support shaft and transmission part, maintenance door and cover;

  • The air separation system is composed of gravity sand blocking plate, deflector, first-level skimming plate, second-level skimming plate, suction port, cover, screen, anti-wear plate, shot storage bucket and air volume regulating valve.

    Separator adjustment:

  • The best separation effect of the Separator is achieved by adjusting the weight position on the gate, the adjustment plate position on the first and second skimming plates, and the butterfly valve on the pipeline.

  • Through these ways, the separation effect will above 99.5%, and will greatly reduce the wear of the blades of the shot blasting machine.

  • The best diameter of the steel shot for this kind of Separator is 0.7 ~ 2.5, and its separation efficiency ≥99.5%.

    Steel shot distribution system:

  • The shot gate valve controlled by the cylinder is used to control the supply of the steel shot at a long distance.

  • We can through adjust the bolts on the shot controller to obtain the required shot blasting amount.

  • This technology is independently developed by our company.

  • Shot selection: It is recommended to use cast steel shot, hardness LTCC40 ~ 45.

      Air control system:

The air control system of wire mesh shot blasting machine is composed of air source processing components, air valves and pneumatic actuators. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment, the air valves are all domestic famous brand product components.

      Electronic control system

①This system realizes the overall control of the shot blasting machine.

②This system takes the programmable logic controller (PLC) as the core and uses high-quality electrical components. It has many advantages such as reliable operation, high degree of automation, and complete protection functions.

  • The main power supply of this system adopts a 3*380v AC power supply, the control loop adopts a single-phase 220v AC power supply, and the control transformer reduces the 380v voltage to 220v and supplies it to the control loop.

  • This system has a relatively complete fault alarm function to help operators or maintenance personnel quickly find the fault point, reduce downtime, and improve work efficiency.

  • The electrical components of this system are installed centrally in the electrical cabinet for easy operation and maintenance.

    Mesh belt conveyor system:

  • The mesh belt conveyor system consists of a feeding mesh belt, rotary runner, tensioning device, etc.

  • The mesh belt is driven by a drive device controlled by the frequency converter to ensure the speed of the work-piece to achieve step-less speed regulation so that the work-piece can be cleaned at one time.

Application of Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine

Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine

QWD Series Mesh Belt type Shot Blasting Machine is composed of Cleaning room; Sealing room; Mesh belt transmission system; Longitudinal Screw Conveyor; Horizontal Screw Conveyor; Bucket Elevator; Separator; Platform; Impeller Head Assembly; Steel shot control system; Electric control system; etc.,

Product Composition of Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine

QWD Series Wire Mesh Belt Shot Blasting Machine is composed of Cleaning room; Sealing room; Mesh belt transmission system; Longitudinal Screw Conveyor; Horizontal Screw Conveyor; Bucket Elevator; Separator; Platform; Impeller Head Assembly; Steel shot control system; Electric control system; etc.

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