QGT Series Tilting Drum Shot Blasting Machine

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QGT Series Tilting Drum shot blasting machine is one of updated products base on GN series steel track shot blasting machine, with the features of high efficiency and uniformity.
Due to the use of the roller mechanism, the drum not only rotates but shakes up and down during steel shot operating. Therefore, the products in the drum are stirred without impact, and the steel shot are evenly shot.
Especially suit for small pieces and thin-walled pieces. All kinds of small castings; forgings; stamping parts which may be stuck in other kinds of shot blasting machine also can be handled.

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Applicable to the surface cleaning of various types of stamping parts, small and medium-sized castings, forgings, hardware, pipes,etc., .
Diameter of tilting drum: 1000mm
Equipment dimensions: 3972mm x 2600mmx4800mm (length x width x height)
Maximum weight of cleaned work-piece: 25kg
Maximum loading capacity: 300kg
Production efficiency: 300kgs-800kgs / hour


From the input of the product to the discharge of the product after the shot blasting, all are processed by automatic operation.
The main features of this machine are as follows:
(1) High efficiency and uniformity.
Due to the use of the roller mechanism, the drum not only rotates but shakes up and down during steel shot operating. Therefore, the products in the drum are stirred without impact, and the steel shot are evenly shot.
(2) Small pieces and thin-walled pieces are also very suitable.
The cleaning room is manufactured with a roller structure; All kinds of small castings; forgings; stamping parts which may be stuck in other kinds of shot blasting machine also can be handled.

3.Working principle:

First, the preparation work, that is, the dust removal system, separator, elevator, spiral drum screen, drum rotation system, etc., starts to run in sequence, the equipment is ready for work.
Second, load the work-piece into the front hopper, the work-piece enters the drum through the lifting and dumping of the hopper, the gate is automatically closed by the hydraulic cylinder.
Third, the Impeller Head which installed on the gate is activated, and the shot gate valve is automatically opened to start the work-piece cleaning.
The work-piece rotates slightly with the drum while swinging back and forth slightly to receive the steel shot uniformly to remove oxide, welding slag, rust and dirt on the surface of the work-piece until the shot blasting time is reached, the shot gate and Impeller Head are closed.
After the PLC delay, the steel shots mixed in the work-piece completely flow out of the roller, the door opens automatically, and the roller slowly dumps the work-piece.
Then repeat this process until the work is completed and stop in order.

4.Composition and Main features:

Tilting drum:
① The drum is made of 10mm thick rolled high-quality Mn13 high-manganese steel plate, and the service life can reach 1-2 years.
② Compared with traditional equipment, it reduces wearing parts, saves time and money for maintenance and repair, and greatly reduces the use cost and Maintenance costs.
③ The drum shell is 10mm high-quality carbon steel plate; and the diameter of the holes which in the drum is 6mm.

Screw Conveyor:

① 1 set screw conveyor, which located at the top of the shot blasting chamber, used to convey the mixer materials to the Separator. One high-performance gear motor is used to drive this screw conveyor.
② Another set of screw conveyor are located at the bottom of the shot blasting room and is shared motor with the bucket elevator.
③ Spiral blades are made of wear-resistant steel (Mn16).

Bucket Elevator:

① The maximum conveying capacity of the Bucket elevator is 30t / h, which is used to lift the mixer materials to the Separator.
② The Bucket elevator is made of precisely welded steel plates and can be disassembled in sections. With maintenance and inspection windows, easy to overhaul.
③ One drive motor is located on the top of the Bucket elevator, which is used as the power source.
④ The system includes: 2 precision-machined wheels, 1 Bucket elevator cover, 1 high-performance wear-resistant belt and several hoppers.


① Mainly Used to separate qualified steel shot, broken steel shot and dust.
② Welded structure, there are multiple well-designed cells inside for wind guide. The front is an openable access door for daily observation and maintenance.
③ Multi-strage baffle structure, adjustable. Used to adjust the uniformity of the sand curtain.
④ The following is connected to the bin. After sorting, the qualified steel shot flow through the bin for storage, ready to be reused.

Steel shot distribution system:

① The shot gate valve controlled by the cylinder is used to control the supply of the steel shot at a long distance.
② We can through adjust the bolts on the shot controller to obtain the required shot blasting amount.
③ This technology is independently developed by our company.

Impeller Head assembly:

① Independently developed and manufactured by our company which in accordance with the characteristics of the equipment, has the features of extremely high dynamic balance performance, perfect shot output efficiency and convenient maintenance.
② One impeller, 8 high-hardness, wear-resistant and high-chromium blades, directly pluggable, installed on the impeller; an orientation sleeve and a distribution wheel, which respectively control the shot direction and pre-accelerated shot.
③ The shell of the Impeller Head is made of highly wear-resistant material, and the inner wall is attached with wear-resistant steel plate, which is easy to replace.
④ Main technical parameter of the Impeller Head:
Impeller size: 380mm
Blade: 8 pieces
Impeller: Double Disc Venturi Sealing Technology
Motor power: 22kw / blasting special motor
Maximum initial velocity of steel shot: 70m / s
Maximum flow of steel shot: 200kg / min
Frequency conversion speed regulation technology can be used to adjust the strength of shot blasting.

Hydraulic loading system:

① Hydraulic system is an independent integrated power transmission device, which converts mechanical energy or electrical energy into slewing force, and then a pump part that converts the slewing force into fluid energy. The valve section is equipped with two cylinder ports, which is the interface of the actuator piping.
② The hydraulic system is composed of motor, pump, electromagnetic directional valve, oil control check valve, throttle stop valve, mailbox, etc.
③ Electromagnet on and off (the two electromagnets of the electromagnetic directional valve cannot be charged at the same time), can realize various actions separately.
④ By adjusting the throttle valve to adjust its speed or close the action of the actuator.
⑤ This system uses 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil.
⑥ The most suitable working temperature of the whole hydraulic system is 30-55 ℃, when the oil temperature is too high, it should be shut down and Check the cause of fever.
⑦ Main technical parameters of hydraulic system:
Fuel tank volume: 80L
Motor drive power: 5.5KW
Rated pressure: 16Mpa
Rated flow: 20L / min

Automatic cutting system:

① A set of automatic blanking mechanism, the work-pieces are reversed from the blasting chamber, and falls on the automatic blanking mechanism, and then through conveyor belt into the material receiving frame. (Dimensions: 1200X600X800).
② Adopts rubber conveyor belt, which can effectively prevent the parts from colliding with each other and play a good protective role.
③ The blanking belt is additionally extend 1750mm long and 600mm wide on the original basis.

Dust removal system(Donaldson cartridge type dust collector system):
① Integrated design, integrated on the back of the host.
② There are 6 dust filter cartridges inside.
③ Equipped with a set of secondary filtering device. Suitable for indoor emissions, dust emission 5mg / m3.
④ With automatic blowback cleaning device, you can set the blowback time interval.
⑤ Equipped with filter cartridge replacement detection instrument, can prompt the operator when to replace the filter cartridge.
⑥ The air inlet of the dust collector is equipped with a damper. Air volume can be adjusted according to equipment usage.

⑦ Main technical parameters:
Fan power: 5.5kw
Dust collector air volume: 5000 m3 / h
Dust emission: ≤5mg / m3

Electrical control system:

① Control cabinet:
② Three-phase alternating current of main power supply: 400V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 2%
③ Control voltage: DC24V, 50Hz ± 2%
④ A lighting lamp is installed in the control cabinet, the door is turned on and the door is turned off.
⑤ Equipped with equipment data storage area.
⑥ The panel is equipped with an indicator lamp to check the normal operation of the button, so as to detect at any time.
⑦ There are three color indicator lights on the bottom: red light flashes for fault status, yellow light flashes for maintenance status, green light flashes for hand.
⑧ Dynamic state, green continuous light indicates that the machine tool is in normal working state, or sound and light alarm.
⑨ A 10-inch color touch screen is used to control the entire device.

5.Test items and standards:

This equipment is tested according to the Ministry of Standards "Technical Conditions for “Pass-Through” type Shot Blasting Machine" (No .: ZBJ161010-89) and related National Standards.
Our company has a variety of measurement and testing tools.
The main testing items are as follows:
A.Impeller Head:
① The Impeller body radial runout ≤0.15mm.
② End face runout ≤0.05mm.
③ Dynamic balance test ≤18 N.mm.
④ The temperature rise of the Main bearing housing idling for 1 hour ≤35 ℃.
B. Separator:
(1)After separated, the amount of waste contained in the qualified steel shot is ≤0.2%.
(2)The amount of qualified steel shot in the waste is ≤1%.
(3)The separation efficiency of the shot; sand separation is not less than 99%.

C. Dust removal system:

① The dust removal efficiency is 99%.
② The dust content in the air after cleaning is less than 10mg / m3.
③ The dust emission concentration is less than or equal to 100mg / m3, which meets the requirements of JB / T8355-96 and GB16297-1996 "Comprehensive Emission Standards for Air Pollutants".
D. Equipment noise
It is lower than 93dB (A) specified in JB / T8355-1996 "Machinery Industry Standards".


In order to provide the best solutions for your products, please let us know the answers of the following questions:
1.What’s the products which you want to treatment? Had better show us your products.
2.If there are many types of products need to be treated, What’s the biggest size of the work-piece? Length * width * height?
3.What’s the weight of the biggest work-piece?
4.What’s the production efficiency do you want?
5.Any other special requirements of the machines?

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