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Quality Control

Product quality assurance measures

1. The products are designed by experienced engineers and reviewed by design drawings experts to ensure the design quality.

2. The product will never be subcontracted to a third party for production.

3. All steel plates and profiles required for products are purchased from famous brand manufacturers.

4. All steel plates, profiles or components that make up the equipment shall be sandblasted and derusted before spraying maintenance primer.

5. The supporting standard parts should be purchased from famous brand manufacturers as much as possible, such as bearings, motors, reducers, etc.

6. PLC uses high-quality products.

7. Load test run of key parts shot blasting plant, and empty running test run of each motion mechanism plant.

8. Design and quality inspection personnel set up a special quality supervision team to supervise the implementation of the above steps to ensure product quality.

9. After the blasting equipment for sale is manufactured, the user is notified to perform initial acceptance of each functional component.

10. The company conducts dynamic and static balance experiments on the factory shot blasters.

11. The equipment begins to train operation and maintenance personnel during the commissioning phase, and a week of training is completed after commissioning.

After-sales service guarantee measures

1. "Three Guarantees" is implemented for product quality, and the "Three Guarantees" period is one year.

2. During the three-guarantee period, all the faults and damaged parts of the electrical control and mechanical parts due to normal use will be repaired and replaced (except for wearing parts).

3. After-sales service is implemented in a "2 hours" response, users contact our company's after-sales service office to ensure that they will be resolved by phone or fax within 2 hours.

Subcontracting and supporting plans

As a nationwide industrial shot blasting machine manufacturer, our company attaches great importance to product quality, and the selection of equipment standard outsourcing parts among them is an important link directly related to the quality of equipment. Choosing the products of good-quality and credit-worthy enterprises as our company's supporting parts is also an important standard for our company to improve its product competitiveness and occupy the market. The following is the manufacturer of the standard outsourcing parts that our company cleans up the equipment.

PLC programmable controller Siemens

Proximity switch Chint or Delixi

AC contactor CHINT or DELIXI

Air switch Chint or Delixi

Shaft-mounted reducer Zhejiang Boneng

Motor Qingdao Tianyi Group

Fan Qingdao Hongchang Fan Factory

Bearing with seat Kaifeng or Jinan Bearing Factory

Bearing Wax shaft factory or Harbin shaft factory

Cylinder, air control box Jinan High-tech Huaneng Pneumatic

Paint pumps, spray guns and nozzles