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Replacement And Maintenance Method Of Wear-Resistant Parts Of Shot Blasting Machine

Replacement And Maintenance Method Of Wear-Resistant Parts Of Shot Blasting Machine

1. Inspection and maintenance of wear-resistant parts of shot blasting machine

First, we introduce the replacement and maintenance for important parts of the wheel shot blasting machine.

The pill-splitting wheel is set in the directional sleeve of the shot blaster, which is not easy to check directly. But every time the blade is replaced, the pill wheel must be removed, so the wear of the pill wheel should be checked at the same time as the blade is replaced. If the pill wheel is worn and continues to be used, the projectile diffusion angle will increase, which will directly accelerate the wear of the shot blaster guard and affect the cleaning effect. The most direct judgment method is that if the outer diameter of the pill wheel wears 10-12mm, a new pill wheel should be replaced.

2. Replacement and maintenance of shot blaster guard plate

The top guard, end guard, side guard and other wear parts in the electric shot blaster are worn to the original thickness of 15 and must be replaced immediately. Otherwise, the projectile may break through the shell of the shot blaster.

3. Replacement order of wear-resistant parts of shot blasting device

  • Turn off the main power supply.

  • Remove the slide tube.

  • Use a socket wrench to remove the fixing nut (left and right rotation), lightly tap the pill wheel, and remove it after loosening.

  • Remove the orientation sleeve.

  • Gently tap the head of the blade with a wooden blower to remove the blade. (Remove 6 to 8 hexagon screws in the fixed impeller body hidden behind the blade counterclockwise to remove the impeller body)

  • Check (replace) the wear parts.

  • Return to the installation of the shot blaster in the order of removal.

For more detailed maintenance solutions of shot blasting machine, please call the technical staff of Qingdao Binhai Jincheng Casting Machine, we will answer you in detail!