Research & Development

Binhai has very strong R&D

There are dozens of professional technicians in the research and manufacturing technology of cleaning equipment, clay sand equipment, resin sand equipment, V method molding equipment and dust removal equipment. The company is based on scientific, rigorous and efficient work style. Install in the shortest time, provide users with the best technical solutions, and complete the production of high-quality equipment in the shortest period of time.

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The common characteristics of the research team members:

Educational background: college degree or above, with strong professionalism, curiosity and enterprising spirit
Work experience: years of social experience, work experience, extraordinary performance and super creative ability in the field of undergraduate professional work
Interpersonal relationship: Strong interpersonal affinity, warm and calm
Professional quality: keep promises, focus on norms, abide by the company's purpose and philosophy, abide by national laws and social ethics

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And got many National patents