Installation of the machine (Crawler type shot blasting machine)
● The foundation construction shall be determined by the users themselves: the user shall configure concrete according to the local soil quality, check the plane with a level meter, install it after the horizontal and vertical level are well, then fasten all the foot bolts.
● Before the machine leaves the factory, the cleaning room, impeller head and other parts have been installed as a whole. During the installation of the whole machine, just to be installed according to the general drawing in order.
● The upper lifting cover of the bucket elevator shall be fastened with bolts on the lower lifting cover.
● During the installation of the lifting belt, attention shall be paid to adjusting the bearing seat of the upper driving belt pulley to keep it horizontal to avoid belt deviation.
● The separator and the upper part of the bucket elevator shall be fastened with bolts.
● The projectile supply gate is installed on the separator, and the projectile recovery pipe is inserted into the recovery hopper at the back of the cleaning room.
● Separator: when the separator is in normal operation, there should be no gap under the projectile flow curtain. If the full curtain cannot be formed, adjust the adjusting plate until the full curtain is formed, so as to obtain a good separation effect.
● Connect the pipeline between the shot blasting chamber, separator and dust remover with pipeline to ensure the dust removal and separation effect.
● The electrical system can be directly connected according to the distribution circuit diagram.

Idling commissioning
● Before the operation of the experiment, you must be familiar with the relevant provisions of the operation manual, and have a comprehensive understanding of the structure and the performance of the equipment.
● Before starting the machine, check whether the fasteners are loose and whether the lubrication of the machine meets the requirements.
● The machine is required to be assembled correctly. Before starting the machine, single action test shall be carried out for all parts and motors. Each motor shall rotate in the correct direction, and the belt of crawler and elevator shall be properly tightened without deviation.
● Check whether the no-load current of each motor, temperature rise of bearing, reducer and shot blasting machine are in normal operation. If any problem is found, find out the cause in time and adjust it.
● Generally, it's OK to install the crawler shot blasting machine according to the above method. You don't need to worry about any problems during the use, but you must pay attention to its daily maintenance work.

Daily maintenance
● Check whether the fixing bolts on the shot blasting machine and the motor of the shot blasting machine are loose.
● Check the specific wear condition of each wear-resistant parts in the shot blasting machine, and timely replacement.
● Check whether the access door is closed.
● Check whether there is air leakage in the dust removal pipeline and whether there is dust or breakage in the filter bag of the dust removal.
● Check whether there is any accumulation on the filter sieve in the separator.
● Check whether the ball supply gate valve is closed.
● Check the specific wear of the protection plate in the shot blasting room.
● Check whether the status of limit switches is in normal.
● Check whether the signal lamp on the console works is in normal.
● Clean the dust on the electrical control box.

Monthly maintenance
● Check the bolt fixation of the ball valve;
● Check whether the transmission part operates normally and lubricate the chain;
● Check the wear and fixation condition of the fan and the air duct.

Quarterly maintenance
● Check whether the bearings and the electric control boxes are in good situation, and add lubricating grease or oil.
● Check the specific wear condition of the wear-resistant guard plate of the shot blasting machine.
● Check the tightness of fixing bolts and flange connections of motor, sprocket, fan and screw conveyor.
● Replace new high-speed grease to the bearing pair on the main bearing seat of the shot blasting machine.

Annual maintenance
● Check the lubrication of all bearings and add new grease.
● Check the bag filter, if the bag is damaged, replace it, if the bag has too much ash, clean it.
● Maintenance of all motor bearings.
● Replace or repair all the protective plate in the projection area.

Regular maintenance
● Check the high manganese steel protection plate, wear-resistant rubber plate and other protection plates in the blast cleaning room.
● If they are found to be worn or broken, they shall be replaced immediately to prevent the projectile from breaking through the wall of the room and flying out of the room to hurt people. ─────────────────────────── DANGER!
When it is necessary to enter the interior of the room for maintenance, the main power supply of the equipment must be cut off and the sign must be hung for indication.
● Check the tension of the bucket elevator and tighten it in time.
● Check the vibration of the shot blasting machine.
● Once the machine is found to have large vibration, stop the machine immediately, check the wear of the wear-resistant parts of the shot blasting machine and the deflection of the impeller, and replace the worn parts.
● Before opening the end cover of the Impeller head, the main power supply of the shot blasting machine shall be cut off.
● Do not open the end cover when the impeller head does not stop rotating completely.
● Regularly lubricate all motors and bearings on the equipment. Please refer to "lubrication" for detailed description of lubrication parts and times.
● Regular replenishment of new projectiles.
● As the bullet will wear and break in the use process, a certain number of new projectile should be added regularly.
● Especially when the cleaning quality of the cleaned work-piece is not up to the requirement, too few projectile may be an important reason.
● When installing the blades of the impeller head, it should be noted that the weight difference of a group of eight blades should not be more than 5g, and the wear of the blades, the distribution wheel and the directional sleeve should be checked regularly for timely replacement.
─────────────────────────── Warning!
Do not leave maintenance tools, screws and other sundries in the machine during maintenance.

Safety precautions
● The projectile dropped on the ground around the machine shall be cleaned at any time to prevent people from being injured and cause accidents.
● When the shot blasting machine is working, any person should be away from the cleaning room(especially the side where the impeller head is installed).
● The door of the shot blasting room can only be opened after the work piece has been shot blasted and cleaned for enough time.
● Cut off the main power supply of the equipment during maintenance, and mark the corresponding parts of the console.
● The chain and belt protection device can only be disassembled during maintenance, and shall be reinstalled after maintenance.
● Before each start-up, the operator shall inform all the staff in site to be ready.
● In case of emergency when the equipment is working, press the emergency button to stop the operation of the machine to avoid accidents.

Before running the machine, all moving parts should be lubricated.
● For the bearings on the main shaft of the impeller head, 2 # calcium base lubricating grease shall be added once a week.
● For the other bearings, 2 # calcium base lubricating grease shall be added once every 3-6 months.
● 30 # mechanical oil shall be added once a week for the chain, pin shaft and other moving parts.
● The motor and cycloid pin wheel reducer in each component shall be lubricated according to the lubrication requirements.
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