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  • Steel Industry Steel Industry The steel and steel plates produced by the steel mill have many burrs just after they are released, which will affect the quality and appearance of the steel. VIEW
  • Hardware Factory And Electroplating Factory Hardware Factory And Electroplating Factory Since both the hardware factory and the electroplating factory require the workpiece surface to be clean and smooth, a shot blasting machine can solve these problems. VIEW
  • Railway Industry Railway Industry Railway parts are required to be lighter, but the reliability requirements are getting higher and higher. The important process measures are to use shot peening to improve the strength. VIEW
  • Coal Mining Industry Coal Mining Industry The mining industry uses shot blasting technology to remove sticky sand, rust, scale, dirt, etc. on the surface of equipment and equipment, improve the fatigue resistance of equipment. VIEW
  • Construction Industry Construction Industry Steel structure construction enterprise: The steel structure must be derusted before use in order to meet the structural requirements specified by the state. VIEW
  • Shipbuilding Industry Shipbuilding Industry The steel plate used by the shipyard has rust, which will affect the quality of shipbuilding. It is impossible to use manual de-embroidery, so the workload will be very large. VIEW
  • Foundry Industry Foundry Industry The castings produced by general casting enterprises need to be polished, and the shot blasting cleaning machinery is the professional machinery used in this regard. VIEW
  • Automobile Industry Automobile Industry According to the work requirements of the automobile manufacturer, the steel plates and some castings used need to be polished. VIEW
  • Petroleum Industry Petroleum Industry A mobile automatic shot blasting machine or a manual blasting room can be used to clean the oil pipelines, storage tanks, oil drilling tools, dirt, rust, scale etc. VIEW