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Shot Blast Media

Steel shot is widely used for descaling and derusting of steel parts before coating. In this case, centrifugal shot blasting equipment is often used. The shape of the ball and the smaller hardness make the steel ball not wear the equipment. Steel shot is also widely used for sand cleaning of castings. When used with the appropriate equipment, the steel shot is the best abrasive blasting media for surface cleaning because of its durability.

The Character of Steel Shot

Steel shot is a kind of commonly used material for metal workpiece treatment. The structure of the steel shot is tight and the particle size is even. The surface treatment of metal workpiece with steel shot can increase the surface pressure of metal workpiece and improve the anti-fatigue ability of the workpiece. The surface treatment of metal workpiece with steel shot is characterized by fast cleaning speed, the proper hardness of steel shot and steel sand, good rebound performance, uniform and rapid cleaning of an internal corner and complex workpiece, shortening the time of surface treatment and improving work efficiency, which is a good surface treatment material.

Application of Steel Shot

1. Cleaning: shot blasting, die casting cleaning, casting shot blasting, forging shot blasting, forging shot blasting, casting sandblasting, steel plate cleaning, steel plate cleaning, steel plate cleaning, H-shaped steel cleaning, steel structure cleaning.

2. Derusting: shot blasting, casting, forging, steel plate, forging, steel, H-beam, and steel structure.

3. Strengthening: shot blasting, heat treatment parts shot blasting, gear shot blasting.

4. Shot blasting: section steel shot blasting, section steel shot blasting, ship plate shot blasting, steel plate shot blasting.

5. Shot blasting: steel plate shot blasting, steel shot blasting, section steel shot blasting.

6. Sanding: sanding treatment.

7. Pretreatment: coating pretreatment, coating pretreatment, surface pretreatment, ship plate pretreatment, section steel pretreatment, steel pretreatment, steel plate pretreatment, steel structure pretreatment.

Applicable Equipment for Steel Shot:

Steel shot is mainly applicable to roller, chain, hook, crawler, through, rotary table, stacking, step-by-step, trolley type shot blasting machine (shot blasting machine), shot blasting machine, shot blasting equipment, shot blasting, sand blasting machine, sand blasting equipment, rust removal equipment, steel pretreatment production line, steel structure pretreatment production line Line, equipment in the sand room.