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Shot Blasting Equipment

Many people are not quite clear about shot blasting equipment. In fact, it is not only the shot blasting equipment that is used to remove the rust for iron casting, but for large objects, barrel cleaning must be carried out first. That’s to say, the iron casting riser is removed and put into the roller to roll. The parts collide with each other to remove most of the sand on the surface before shot blasting.

Scientific research shows that when the surface is in compressive stress, the fatigue life of raw materials will be further improved. Therefore, shot blasting is generally used to produce surface compressive stress and Increase the service life of goods for shaft and other components which are easy to fatigue fracture. In addition, metal composite materials are more sensitive to stretch, which means that the tensile strength of raw materials is much lower than the reduced compressive strength. This is because metal composites generally express the characteristics of raw materials with tensile strength.

The shot blasting equipment for rust removal is used to drive the centrifugal impeller body to rotate by a motor. By centripetal force, the projectile with diameter of 0.2 ~ 3.0 (including casting shot, cutting shot, stainless steel shot, etc.) is thrown onto the surface of steel parts to make the steel parts more beautiful, or change the electric welding tensile stress of steel to compressive stress, so as to improve the service life of steel parts. Basically, it's applied in most of mechanical equipment industries.

Shot blasting can clean the steel parts, and the shot blasting machine is used to carry out the shot blasting and descaling of the precision castings every day.

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