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Shot Blasting Machine is Playing an Important Role in Auto Parts Industry

Every car is made up of various parts. The quality of these auto parts is related to the safety of the entire car. Today, most auto parts manufacturers use shot blasters to strengthen the workpieces. Today, QDBH machinery will introduce the application of shot blasters in the automotive industry in detail.

At present, the shot blasting strengthening process has been widely used in the automotive industry. Any metal components subjected to cyclic stress that operate under alternating loads need to rely on shot blasting to improve fatigue life. In the automobile manufacturing industry, blasting system is mainly used to strengthen the key components such as spiral springs, leaf springs, torsion bars, gears, transmission components, bearings, camshafts, crankshafts, connecting rods.

Because the crankshaft works under alternating stress, there is a great risk of stress fatigue and edge fatigue at the corner of the journal section change transition. In most cases, all apertures on the crankshaft need shot blasting. The crankshaft fillet is a stress concentration area. When the engine is ignited, large stresses are generated on the bottom side of the fillet. Fatigue cracks are generated at the rounded corners and then extend to the crankshaft body, causing more serious failures.

The practice has proved that our shot blaster for sale is very effective for improving the fatigue life of cast steel, forged steel, ductile iron, and austempered steel crankshaft. Bending fatigue is a common fatigue pattern. The use of a shot blaster can quickly solve this problem because the surface is where the tensile stress is concentrated. The parts are stretched due to the residual tensile stress area formed by processing, and fatigue cracks or stress corrosion cracks occur on the surface when bending loads. By introducing compressive stress, the effect of tensile stress can be offset to enhance the ability of the workpiece to resist fatigue failure.

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