Daily maintenance and maintenance of shot blasting machine (general version)

1. Daily maintenance and maintenance

(1) Whether the fixing bolts on the shot blasting machine and the motor of the shot blasting machine are loose;
(2) The wear condition of the wear-resistant parts in the shot blasting wheel, and replace them in time;
(3) Whether the inspection door is closed;
⑷ Whether there is air leakage in the dust removal pipeline, and whether the filter bag in the dust collector is dusty or broken;
⑸ Whether there is accumulation on the filter screen in the separator;
⑹Whether the pill supply gate valve is closed;
⑺The wear of the shot blasting indoor guard plate;
⑻ Whether the status of each limit switch is normal;
⑼Whether the signal lights on the console work normally;
⑽ Clean the dust on the electrical control box.

2.  monthly maintenance and maintenance

(1) Check the bolting condition of the pill supply gate valve;
(2) Check whether the transmission part is running normally, and lubricate the chain;
(3) Check the fan, air duct and wear and fixation.

3. Seasonal maintenance and maintenance

(1) Check the integrity of the bearing and electric control box, and add grease or lubricating oil;
(2) Check the wear of the wear-resistant guard plate of the shot blasting machine;
(3) Check the tightness of the fixing bolts and flange connections of the motor, sprocket, fan and screw conveyor;
⑷ Replace the bearing pair on the main bearing seat of the shot blasting machine with new high-speed grease.

4. annual maintenance and maintenance

(1) Check the lubrication of all bearings and add new grease;
(2) Overhaul the bag filter, replace the bag if it is damaged, and clean it if there is too much dust in the bag;
(3) Overhaul all motor bearings;
⑷Replace or repair the shield in the projectile area by welding.
Five, the machine should be regularly repaired
(1) Check the high manganese steel guards, wear-resistant rubber sheets and other guards in the shot blasting cleaning room. If they are worn or cracked, they should be replaced immediately to prevent the projectiles from penetrating the chamber wall and flying out of the chamber to hurt people.
Danger! When it is necessary to enter the interior of the room for maintenance, the main power supply of the equipment must be cut off and a tag should be listed.
(2) Check the tension of the hoist and tighten it in time.
(3) Check the vibration of the blast wheel. Once it is found that the machine has a large vibration, the machine should be stopped immediately, the wear of the wear parts of the shot blasting machine and the weight of the impeller should be checked, and the wear parts should be replaced.
Danger! 1) Before opening the end cover of the blast wheel, the main power supply of the cleaning equipment should be cut off.
2) It is strictly forbidden to open the end cover when the shot blasting wheel has not completely stopped rotating.
⑷ Regularly lubricate all motors and bearings on the equipment. Please refer to “Lubrication” for details on the parts to be lubricated and the frequency of lubrication.
⑸ Regularly replenish new projectiles
Since the projectile will be worn and broken during use, a certain number of new projectiles should be replenished regularly. Especially when the cleaning quality of the workpiece to be cleaned cannot be achieved, too little projectile quantity may be an important reason.
⑹ When installing the blades of the shot blasting machine, it should be noted that the weight difference of a group of eight blades should not be greater than 5 grams, and the wear of the blades, the shot wheel and the directional sleeve should be checked frequently for timely replacement.
WARNING: When servicing, do not leave servicing tools, screws and other debris in the machine. ────────────────────────────


1. The projectiles scattered on the ground around the machine should be cleaned in time at any time, so as to prevent injury and cause accidents. After each shift, the projectiles around the machine should be cleaned up to ensure Nissan is clean;
2. When the shot blasting machine is working, any personnel should stay away from the chamber body (especially the side where the shot blasting machine is installed). After the shot blasting of each workpiece is completed, it should stop for a sufficient time before opening the door of the shot blasting chamber;
3. When the equipment is maintained, the main power supply of the equipment should be cut off, and the corresponding parts of the console should be marked;
4. The protection devices of chains and belts can only be dismantled during overhaul, and should be re-installed after overhaul;
5. Before each startup, the operator should notify the on-site staff to prepare;
6. When the equipment is working, if there is an emergency, you can press the emergency button to stop the machine to avoid accidents.
Before the machine is running, all moving parts need to be lubricated.

For the bearings on the main shaft of the shot blasting machine, add 2# calcium-based lubricating grease once a week, add 2# calcium-based lubricating grease once every 3 to 6 months for other bearings, and add 30# calcium-based lubricating grease once a week to movable parts such as chains and pins Machinery oil. The motors and cycloidal pinwheel reducers in each component are lubricated according to the lubrication requirements of the reducer or motor.
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