Equipment advantages and outstanding features (general purpose shot blasting machine)

1. Why choose the shot blasting machine of Qingdao Binhai Jincheng Casting Machine

Qingdao Binhai Jincheng Casting Machine is a large-scale professional backbone enterprise in foundry machinery, especially shot blasting machinery industry, formerly known as Qingdao Binhai Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd. Since 1993, we have been engaged in the production of equipment. The factory has been established for nearly 30 years. Various supporting facilities are complete in the factory and the response speed is fast. There is a professional technical research and development team, an experienced production team, and an after-sales service team with rich installation and debugging experience. The equipment is cost-effective, and there is no worries after choosing Binhai Jincheng.
Second, the outstanding features of the equipment:
1. Shot blasting machine:
As the heart of the shot blasting machine – the shot blasting machine is especially critical, and we use the third and fourth generation shot blasting machines. The shot blasting machine adopts a special protective structure, the side shield adopts a U-shaped structure, and the top shield and the end shield are thickened at the corners. its service life. As shown


2. Components of the pellet circulation system

1) Hoist
①The cover of the hoist adopts a bending and welding structure. There is an access door on the hoist cover for maintenance and replacement of the hoist hopper. The lower drive can be serviced by opening the door on the lower housing to remove the blockage of its bottom projectile.
②The machine adopts a flat belt to rotate. When working, the hopper fixed on the conveyor belt picks up the pellets conveyed from the bottom of the elevator (access type), and then, driven by the elevator motor, sends the pellets to the top of the elevator, and finally relies on centrifugal gravity. The material is blanked, and the pellets are input into the pellet-sand separator. The discharge hood is made of impact-resistant and wear-resistant rolled Mn13 steel plate.
③In order to ensure that the conveyor belt does not slip during operation, the roller is made into a squirrel cage type, which not only improves the friction between the lifting belt and the pulley, avoids the slipping phenomenon of the old-fashioned smooth pulley, but also reduces the pre-tightening force of the lifting belt , extending the service life of the lifting tape.
④At the same time, the hoist is equipped with a set of tensioning device. When the belt is loose, the belt can be easily tightened by adjusting the adjusting bolts on both sides of the upper part of the hoist (the lifting type is adopted, which is more convenient to tighten).
⑤The lower shaft of the hoist is equipped with a pulse wheel, which can detect and track the working state of the hoist.
⑥ In order to prevent the hoist from reversing and damaging the belt in the event of a sudden power failure, the hoist is equipped with an anti-reverse device (ratchet pawl or braking motor is used according to the tonnage size).
2) Separator
① All of them use real full-screen flow curtain separators, and trommel screening plus three-stage air separation separator or three-stage air separation separator are used according to the situation.
②The screw shaft of the separator is processed after welding as a whole, and the blade is made of high wear-resistant rolled Mn13 steel plate.
③ In order to ensure the uniformity of the separation effect, the air selection area of ​​the separator adopts the butterfly valve manual control double-port air control, and the spiral adopts the variable pitch structure.
③ In order to reduce the damage of the bearing, the end of the screw conveying direction is provided with a reverse blade. The bearing pad is provided with a U-shaped boss.
3) Screw conveyor
①The screw shaft is processed after welding as a whole, and the blade is made of high wear-resistant rolled Mn13 steel plate.
②The position of the discharge port is arranged away from the head end of the shaft.
③ In order to reduce the damage of the bearing, the end of the screw conveying direction is provided with a reverse blade. The bearing pad is provided with a U-shaped boss.

3. Environmental protection dust removal system

1) Multi-tube cyclone dust collector
① The dust removal mechanism of the multi-cyclone dust collector is to make the dust-laden air flow rotate, and the dust particles are separated from the air flow by centrifugal force and trapped on the wall of the device, and then the dust particles fall into the ash hopper by the action of gravity. Multiple cyclones, multiple subsidences. Under normal operating conditions, the centrifugal force acting on the particles is 5 to 2500 times the gravity, so the efficiency of the multi-cyclone dust collector is significantly higher than that of the gravity settling chamber. Mostly used to remove particles larger than 0.3μm.
②The cyclone dust collector constructed of special metal or ceramic materials with high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and clothing can be operated under the conditions of temperature up to 1000℃ and pressure up to 500×105Pa. Considering the technical and economic aspects, the pressure loss control range of the cyclone dust collector is generally 500-2000Pa. (Generally, metal Q235A steel plate is used for welding)
③ Lifetime maintenance free
④It can greatly reduce the load of the subsequent dust removal filter material and prolong its service life.
⑤Patented products
2) High-efficiency submerged vertical filter cartridge dust collector
①The filter element filter cartridge adopts the folded form to arrange the filter material, and the ratio of the filter area to the volume it occupies is 30-40 times that of the traditional filter bag.
② The structure of the dust collector is more compact, which greatly reduces the floor space and space of the dust collector.
③Large filtration area can reduce the filtration speed, reduce system resistance, reduce operating costs and save energy. The low filtration rate also reduces destructive scour of the filter media by the airflow, extending the life of the filter cartridge.
④Due to the vertical arrangement of the filter cartridge, the filter cartridge can be easily regenerated by using pulse, vibration or reverse airflow to clean the dust, and the dust removal effect is good.
⑤There is an inspection door on the side, and the maintenance and replacement of the filter cartridge is simple, convenient and fast.
⑥It is made of filter material, which has the characteristics of small pore size, large air permeability, smooth surface, excellent waterproof and oil-proof performance, low resistance, and large filtering area. , Thickened and high-quality electrochemical board with excellent anti-corrosion performance, the sealing ring is made of closed-cell foamed rubber with low hardness and high strength, and the imported epoxy resin glue completely avoids degumming and cracking.
⑦The air inlet and outlet are arranged flexibly.
3) BHMC pulse bag filter
①The gas purification method is an external filter type, and the dust-laden gas enters the filter chamber through the guide tube.
② There is a sufficient and reasonable vertical distance between the bottom of the bag and the upper opening of the air inlet. Through proper diversion and natural flow distribution, the air distribution in the entire filter room is uniform.
③The particulate dust in the dust-laden gas will fall directly into the ash hopper after being separated by natural sedimentation, and the remaining dust will enter the filter area with the airflow under the guidance of the diversion system, and be adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter bag.
④When cleaning the dust, the solenoid valve opens the pulse valve, the compressed air is sprayed to the filter bag through the nozzle, and injected into the filter bag together with the surrounding gas, which causes the filter bag to shake and form a backflushing airflow from the inside to the outside. Remove the dust attached to the outer surface of the filter bag to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
⑤ When the dust on the surface of the filter bag reaches a certain amount, the cleaning control device (timing, automatic control) will open the electromagnetic pulse valve for injection according to the set program, and the compressed gas will pass through each pulse valve in a very short time sequence through the nozzle on the injection pipe. The nozzle induces several times the air volume of the injected air into the filter bag, forming an air wave, which causes the filter bag to undergo rapid expansion and shock vibration from the bag mouth to the bottom, resulting in a strong cleaning effect and shaking off the dust on the filter bag.
⑥ The dust falling into the ash hopper is discharged by gravity through the ash hopper.
⑦ The dust collector has two-state cleaning function and offline maintenance function, which can be selected according to the situation.
⑧ The dust removal bag is made of two-dimensional needle-punched felt.
In addition, for the characteristics of various types of shot blasting machines, please consult the technical department according to the situation.
Such as the sealing of the roller table of the roller shot blasting machine, the characteristics of the trolley of the trolley shot blasting machine, the characteristics of the hanging chain of the catenary shot blasting machine, the characteristics of the hook, the top sealing characteristics, etc. protective structure, etc. There are also the wiring problems of the special shot blasting machine, the automation problems, the interlocking of electrical control, safety protection and other functions, which can be spoken in the communication. Each component can say a number of advantages and characteristics, you need to summarize by yourself.
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