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Standard Operating Procedure for Shot Blasting Machine

Ⅰ. Before the shot blasting machine works

1. Check the "handover record".

2. Before operation, check the wear of vulnerable parts such as the guard plate, rubber curtain, roller, etc. of the shot blasting machine, and replace them in time.

3. Check the coordination of all moving parts, whether the bolt connection is loose, and tighten it in time.

4. Check whether there is any debris falling into the shot blasting machine, and clear it in time to prevent blockage of each conveying link and cause equipment failure.

5. Check whether the lubrication of each part meets the requirements.

6. Before starting the machine, make sure that there is no one in the shot blasting machine room and the inspection door is closed before it is ready to start. Before starting the machine, a signal must be sent to keep people near the machine away.

7. Operate in accordance with the operating procedures correctly.

Ⅱ. When shot blasting machine is working

1. First start the ventilation and dust suction motor, check the operation, and then start the shot blasting machine after confirming that it is normal. Before the shot blasting machine is started, do not open the control valve for iron pellets.

2. Check the quality of steel cleaning frequently. If necessary, adjust the projectile projection angle and roller conveyor speed. Observe whether the steel is deflected or slippery at any time. If necessary, remove it in time.

3. Pay attention to whether the vibration and sound during the operation of the shot blasting machine are normal, the temperature rise of the bearing and the motor, when there is an abnormality, stop and check, troubleshoot or replace the blade.

4. When the shot blasting room is finished, the shot pipe should be closed first, the air intake should be stopped; the motor should be turned off, and the ventilator should be stopped at last.

5. If an abnormal phenomenon occurs, stop the machine immediately, check the cause and eliminate it in time.

6. Wet steel plates are strictly prohibited to enter the shot blasting room for shot blasting.

Ⅲ. After the shot blasting machine works

1. Cut off the power supply and remove the debris on the screen at the bottom of the separator.

2. Carry out daily maintenance.

3. Fill in the "handover record" and do a good job of handover. Shot blasting machine is a casting equipment that uses high-speed projectiles thrown by a shot blaster to clean or strengthen the surface of the casting. The shot blasting machine can simultaneously shake out, remove the core and clean the castings.

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