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Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine Case02

A steel plate shot blasting machine designed by BHJC Machinery for a customer to clean their steel plate products. The machine strongly blasts the sheet metal and profiles to remove surface rust, welding slag and scale, making it slow uniform metal color, improve coating quality and corrosion prevention effect. This processing range can be 1000mm to 3500mm, and it can be easily integrated into preservation lines for automatic painting if the customer needed in the future.

Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine is designed based on a roller conveyor and especially developed to meet the needs of the fabrication industry, the range of machines descales and removes rust prior to fabrication. Rolled steel plate, shapes and fabrications are used across a wide range of sectors, from construction to shipbuilding. It provides a better surface for welding and improves coating adhesion. Large sections can be cleaned quickly, saving time and reducing bottlenecks in production.