Shot blasting machine for Steel track with large specification

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This crawler type shot blasting machine is one of the standard series of cleaning equipment. It can be used to clean casting, forging and welding parts, and remove the sand and oxide scale on the surface of the workpiece. Due to the good protective measures of the machine, the good performance of the shot blasting machine, and the reasonable structure of the projectile circulation system, satisfactory results can also be obtained for materials and workpieces that are difficult to clean.
The machine can also be used to clean workpieces that are easy to rotate and fall, non-brittle parts that are not easy to break, and castings with a deep core.

Range of application

steel and cast iron foundries, die-casting of light alloys, thermal treatments, pressure die-casting, galvanic treatments, small size and big weight part and so on.
Main components of steel track type shot blasting machine.
This machine is composed of cleaning room, crawler drive, projectile circulation system, shot blasting device, dust removal system and electrical system

Product features

15GN  28GN steel tumble belt blast machine with steel mill designed to allow high production levels, at particularly low costs, of small and medium-sized items, in intermittent loads; their characteristics include a continuous conveyor belt, in special anti-abrasive steel plates, for the rotation of the pieces during blasting.
Automatic discharge, with reversal of direction of the conveyor belt.

Technical parameters

No. Item/Specification 15GN 28GN
1.turbine Turbine power 30kw 22kw*2pcs
Rotation speed 2250-2900r/min 2250-2900r/min
Abrasive flow rate 480kg/min 360kg/min*2
Abrasive speed 80-90m/s 80-90m/s
2.Belt drive End disk diameter 1092mm 1245mm
End disk space 1245mm 1778mm
Feeding volume 0.5m3 0.79m3
Loading weight per time 1500 kg/drum 3000kg/drum
Max. single part weight 250kg 360kg
Belt speed 5.6m/min 3.6m/min
3. power Screw conveyor 1.1kw 3kw
Feeder 3kw 7.5kw
Steel tracks motor power 2.2kw 3kw
elevator 2.2kw 4kw
Door lift/down 1.1kw 3kw
turbine 30kw 44kw
Dust collector 11kw 11kw

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The advantages of steel track shot blasting machine:

1.Torsion-resistant, high-rigidity fuselage shell.
2. Reasonable chain drive system and geometric motion principle, which ensures that the firm, overlapping track shoes always maintain a smooth connection.
3.High-quality casting chain link, after precise processing and hardening treatment.
4.After being hardened and ground, the chain pin still has the smallest tolerance gap after long-term load operation.

Advanced man-machine environment, easy to maintain:

(1) All bearings are installed outside the shot blasting room.
(2) All the fixing parts of the protective plate are installed outside the shot blasting room, which is easy to disassemble and ensure that the fixing parts are not damaged by the shot blasting flow.
(3) The upper and lower positions of the material door are limited by limit switches for limit control, and there are safety limit switches for monitoring.
(4) The material door adopts electric opening and closing door, the structure is compact, and the wire rope is wound by the reducer, which is convenient to use, safe and reliable.

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Company information

1.30 years focus on shot blasting machine
2.professional R&D team
3.CE,ISO9001,BV,SGS certificates
4.High quality and competitive price
5.Considerate after-sale service and technical assistance
6.World class quality machine
7.OEM&ODM are acceptable
8.Deliver time within 5days for standard equipment
9.Respond you within 24hours
10.Free charge for installation, training and debugging
11.WIN-WIN partner
12.12months warranty
13. six big workshops
14.exported USA, Russia, Australian, Iraq, Vietnam, Africa, Chile, Korea, Malaysia......
15.factory total area is 220000m2

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