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Steps to Install a Crawler Shot Blasting Machine

As a conventional shot blasting machine, the crawler shot blasting machine is loved by customers. But how to install this kind of shot blasting machine on site? Today, QDBHmachinery will tell you something about it.

Installation steps of crawler shot blasting machines

1. The foundation work

First of all, select a good foundation when installing, that is to say, the installation position of the crawler shot blasting machine should be flat and you can start your installation after that.

2. General assembly

People who have installed or assembled objects should know that when installing a machine, you should first assemble the general parts together, and then install the small parts. The crawler shot blasting machine should be installed like this. Thus, when assembling, the shot blaster, dust remover and other important parts should be assembled together at the beginning.

3. The installation of projectile

The projectiles should be installed after the general parts are assembled. You should install the machine that supplies and splits the projectiles on the separator, and you can also prepare tools on your own to receive the separated objects, and then recycle or dispose of them.

4. Adjustment of parts of the machine

After assembling, another step is to debug the machine to see if it can work normally. Usually, the projectiles should be even and have no gaps among them, so as to ensure the high efficiency of their work. Therefore, if the projectiles are uneven, you can manually adjust the heavy hammer and the separation plate until uniform projectiles can be separated.


For the installation of the crawler shot blasting machine, each process needs to be accurate, so as to ensure the normal use of the machine. Every shot blasting equipment for sale from QDBH machinery is installed under the guidance of professional technical engineers, and the whole program is very accurate so that customers can feel at ease when purchasing and using our machines.

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