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The Advantage and Structural Design of Hook Type Shot Blasting Machines

The cleaning chamber of a hook type shot blasting machine is a closed space for shot blasting of workpieces. Two sets of shot blasters are installed in the shot blasting cleaning chamber to ensure all-round cleaning of the workpieces. Today, QDHB machinery will introduce the hook type shot blasting machine in detail.

The advantages of the hook type shot blasting machine

1. The popular structure of hook type shot blasting machine without pit not only saves the construction cost and time of pit foundation, but also solves the rust and agglomeration of shot sand in the hoist caused by water storage in the pit in the south.

2. The fourth generation of cantilever centrifugal shot blasting machine with large shot blasting quantity and high ejection speed, can significantly improve the efficiency of cleaning and achieve satisfactory results.

3. The simulated shot blasting diagram (including the determination of the model, the number, the space layout, and the location of shot blasters) and all the drawings of the shot blasting machine are completely drawn by computer-aided design (CAD), so the selection and layout of shot blasters are more reasonable. Such design improves the utilization rate and productivity of projectiles, reduces the wear rate of the chamber bodyguard and improves the cleaning effect.

4. Rolling Mn13 plate is used to protect the hot zone in the cleaning chamber. Compared with the previous rubber plate, its service life is greatly improved, and its appearance is beautiful and easy to replace. It is a popular protection method for the cleaning chamber of a machine.

The structural design of hook type shot blasting machine 

1. There are imported Mn13 protective plates with a thickness of 12mm in the chamber according to the direct area of shot blasters, and the service life of each single plate is about 10 years.

2. Other parts are protected by 65Mn plates. There are steel plates on the top of the screw conveyor.

3. A shot receiving tank is set at the bottom, which can bring a small part of the projectiles into the chamber when opening the door, so as to prevent the projectiles from falling onto the ground and causing people to slip.

4. The design of the hook type shot blasting machine is in the form of open doors, and the inner side of the door is paved with a plate made of wear-resistant rubber.

5. It is made of steel pressure plates and pressed by special nuts with six corners. The four sides adhere with sticky tapes made of foam rubber to seal the gates around effectively.

6. An oil cup is set on the door spindle of the door shaft to lubricate the bearing in the loose leaf of the gate regularly.

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